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(W) Sam Humphries (A) Harvey Tolibao (CA) Ramon K. Perez


• Classic X-Force villain STRYFE has returned! And he's eager to exact his revenge on the man who left him broken and adrift in the timestream: CABLE.

• As Stryfe's plan comes to bear, Hope is brought face-to-face with Bishop, the man who crusaded across centuries in a mission to exterminate her. But this time around, she's ready to retaliate...and they'll hold nothing back as they race to destroy one another.

• Don't miss this no-holds-barred, knockdown, drag-out X-FORCE event! Because when the dust settles, only ONE X-Force team will be left standing...

Item Code: NOV130686In Shops: 1/15/2014SRP: $3.99

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Gotta have this if nightshift doesn't bash me again. Go Cable!

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Gotta love how the Uncanny X-Force team has zero respect for Cable. You'd think that they'd have some empathy for a guy whose daughter was the target of a deranged psychopath for seventeen years straight, especially Storm and Psylocke who were in Bishop's mind and saw his memories firsthand.

Oh well, I'm still looking forward to this. Vendetta's first issue was very strong and I like the fact that the crossover is being kept short and sweet, rather than dragging it on for several months. And as is usual for Uncanny X-Force of late, Spiral is the best character.