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Often it seems sometimes we forget just how great the art in comics can be. The art and story are both crucial elements to a great comic. With an artist like Sean Phillips, you always great great art. These are the type of books that really make you appreciate the visual side of comic books.

Dynamite Entertainment is putting out this massive 300+ pages featuring Sean's art. It's a great book to have on your coffee table. If you don't have a coffee table, this could be your excuse to buy one.

The book is due in October. It includes over 350 pieces of artwork personally selected by the artist and includes work from throughout his career.

“Putting this book together has been a welcome reminder that I might not have wasted my life drawing comics,” jokes Phillips. “Looking back, I see that I've managed a wide variety of work in a range of genres that I might not have been that comfortable with drawing beforehand. That I can still bear to look at some of this work means that it's a lot better than I thought it was at the time that I drew it. It's never as good on paper as it was in my head, but seeing the highlights brought together in a proper hardcover retrospective makes me think that maybe I've got the hang of this comics stuff after all.”


SKU: C1606904205

ISBN-10: 1-60690-420-5

ISBN-13: 978-1-60690-420-6

Price: $39.99

Cover: Sean Phillips

Writer: Sean Phillips, Eddie Robson

Artists: Sean Phillips

Genre: Art/Coffee Table Book

Publication Date: Sep 2013 (advance solicit for Oct 2013)

Format: Hardcover

Diamond Code:

Page Count: 312 pages


A lavish, career-spanning retrospective of the acclaimed artist behind Criminal, Sleeper, Incognito, and Fatale! Sean Phillips has personally selected the very best examples of his art for inclusion, from comic strips assembled with childhood friends through his work for 2000AD and Vertigo, from his superhero titles for Marvel and DC through his creator-owned series with Ed Brubaker. Also, the renowned artist has been extensively interviewed, along with many key collaborators, for the book's in-depth commentary.

There will also be a sighed version by Sean Phillips and Eddie Robson.

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Neat stuff!

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One of the very best artists in comics today, and a personal favorite of mine.

Must own for me.

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Some pretty cool work here.

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I really need to buy Incognito and Criminal.

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Love it, love it love it

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Cool stuff.


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@mucklefluga said:

I really need to buy Incognito and Criminal.

Me, too!

#8 Posted by WaveMotionCannon (6379 posts) - - Show Bio!! Phillips is SO good , he makes "Criminal" come to life.

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I will buy this.

(and a coffee table.)

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I'm usually not into this kind of thing but I'm a big Sean Philips fan. I think I need this book.

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Gosh if only I had the room for it somewhere I'd take it! Because a book of this caliber doesn't deserve to be collecting dust on a coffee table I say.

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@mucklefluga said:

I really need to buy Incognito and Criminal.

Me, too!

Get Criminal, absolutely. I think Incognito is the worst Brubaker/Phillips joint, and Sleeper is far better.

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Sleeper is a great book that hardly anyone ever brings up. Then of course you have Criminal, Incognito and Fatale. Love this guys work.