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(W) Dan Slott, Christos N. Gage (A) Will Sliney (CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli

• SERIES FINALE! The end of an era! A tale of triumph and tragedy! The GREEN GOBLIN unmasked! A hero reborn! But what does this mean for OTTO OCTAVIUS?!

• There's only one man who can save us from the Goblin Nation... PETER PARKER: The one, true SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN!

Item Code: FEB140659In Shops: 4/16/2014SRP: $5.99

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super excited for this!

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MY BODY IS READY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"No really tell me about!" lol

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Let's effin go!!!

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So by the end of the this, Peter's going to be Poor, disrespected and viewed as a Menace again right? I know this is the classic Spider-Man attributes, but I liked Peter having a good job, being part of the Avengers and finally being respected for what he did. If Marvel wanted to bring "Parker Luck" Spider-Man back, there are certainly less convulted ways then SS to do so.....

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I am glad Superior Spider-Man is finally ending but the bad news are that Slott is still staying on the book and that in the end of this Spider-Man is going to be disrespected and a big menace to the town again.I really hate when a characters reverts to his old status quo in such short time.

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Cant we just let Mark Waid be the writer of Spiderman?

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I have a feeling that this is going to be AWESOME!

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Hmm... Dan Slott's run started with "Big Time" which ushered in a new era for Spider-Man in which he wasn't always suffering with the usual "Parker Luck" anymore thanks to him having his dream job and all that. Plus some other good things too. But now, Dan Slott's gonna start writing Amazing again and it'll start with Peter most likely having to deal with a shit storm of things that Otto sort of messed up. Huh.

Anyways, I am so excited for this! It feels like it's been forever since I last read a whole issue of Spider-Man with Peter in it! Dan's finally un-killed my childhood!

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This looks like its going to be an awesome issue!

downside Pete's life is going to be back where he started on both sides of it. And what a coincidence around the same time as Amazing Spiderman 2 is being released.

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Sad to see all that progress made with his life only to return to chaos and people not trusting him. It's like the writers can never figure out what to do with him so they figure out a way to send him backwards keeping him stuck in this loops since he was 15 lol. Glad Pete is back though.

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Can't wait for this! The new Amazing Spider-man is going to have a lot to live up to following Superior.

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This looks great. but I hope it isn't still Otto in there somehow. looking forward to ASM!