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(W) Nick Spencer (A/CA) Steve Lieber

The Crime of the Century, Part 3

• Boomerang's been targeted for death. What does The Beetle know about it?

• Then, is Overdrive a rat for the feds? And where there's a rat...there's a cat.

• Nick Spencer, Steve Lieber and Rachelle Rosenberg continue the sleeper hit of the year.

Item Code: DEC130732In Shops: 3/12/2014SRP: $2.99

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Without a doubt - my favorite ongoing series. This looks awesome.

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Oh, it's just so good. Month after month one of, if not the best, comic books being published now. Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber have become geniuses to me.

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Best ongoing series. So psyched for this issue. Go Foes!

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Really, I hope Boomerang beat Bullseye very, very, very badly!...