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(W) Nick Spencer (A) Steve Lieber (CA) Ronald Wimberly

• Only Five villains stand between New York and total chaos.

• The problem? Those villains are the Superior Foes.

• Spencer, Lieber, and utter chaos on the streets of Manhattan. Buy it.

Item Code: FEB140780In Shops: 6/4/2014SRP: $3.99

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Huh, this is actually happening. I;m going to have to raise some money because I definitely didn't prep for this one. Hopefully there will be no more delays and the conclusion will be as equally awesome as the rest of the series.

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Huh. Did Overdrive just turn a bicycle into a Segway? Weird, but awesome.

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This series is so awesome. Happy that we'll finally get an issue that isn't filler.

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Too bad we only get three more issues....

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Love it, will be my first read Wednesday, can't wait.

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Demasiado buena!! la espero con ansias!!!