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(W) Greg Pak (A/CA) Victor Ibanez

Thief. Goddess. Headmistress. Queen. The X-Man called STORM has always defied a single title. And her desire to better the world has never been limited to only her own kind. On a mission to foster goodwill and safeguard the mutant race's continued existence in her own way, Storm will travel the globe, confronting man and mutant, god and monster and everything inbetween. She will overthrow tyrants, quell tsunamis and strive to see her dream for the world realized. She is STORM, a hero like no other....and the skies will tremble at the sight of their namesake.

Item Code: MAY140882In Shops: 7/23/2014SRP: $3.99

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Cannot wait for this to come out.

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Well, I guess the "head mistress of the JGS" caption box puts down the theory of Emma getting Xaviers land via the will. Issue looks great though.

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Looks pretty good.

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Looks decent enough to try.

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So excited :)

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looks incredible. i've never imagined what it would be like inside Storm's head when she's using all of her powers. can't wait to read the rest!