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(W) Dan Slott (A) Michael Allred, Michael Allred

• In order to return alien abductee Dawn Greenwood home, the Surfer must travel to the one place in the galaxy he dreads the most... Planet Earth!

• And what should be a quick drop off turns into turns into one very... strange adventure.

• Featuring: DOCTOR STRANGE, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, and some surprise guest stars. Including those movie stars on the cover!

Item Code: APR140694In Shops: 7/16/2014SRP: $3.99

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The Guardians seems uncharacteristically stupid here. They're not some rule bound organization who needs to follow a protocol. They should understand the Surfer isn't an enemy when he hasn't been a herald in a long time. This is a Slott book though, so I guess these kind of things are just the price of the plot. :P

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@teerack: or price of humor? Either way love the art the more Allred the better.

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Wen I saw the unlettered version of this, I thought Venom was taking a selfie.

Also, is it just Venom? I thought he was called Agent Venom for some reason.

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Anyone else getting tired of seeing the Guardians in every space adventure?

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The art is fantastic here, but the writing is so surprisingly disappointing that I can't stomach reading it anymore; a shame, considering Doctor Strange is my favorite Marvel character and he looks stellar here

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yeah they do.

i was expecting Rocket to get mad when Dawn called him a Raccoon...