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(W) Charles Soule (A) Ronald Wimberly (CA) Kevin Wada

• She-Hulk & Hellcat must uncover the secrets of the Blue File - a conspiracy that touches the entire Marvel Universe!

• This new mystery brings us She-Hulk's most terrifying role ever: DEFENDANT!

• Charles Soule (THUNDERBOLTS) and Ron Wemberly (MIGHTY AVENGERS) continue the smash hit of All-New Marvel Now!

Item Code: APR140703In Shops: 6/11/2014SRP: $2.99

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Yes! Pulido is gone!

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I feel like the art is really messing up a good comic. Love to look at the covers but looking at the inside is just so weird. If the art was like the cover, this book would be perfect!

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Can someone tell me why Barbara Gordon is on the cover? And the inside art work is really really bad.

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lol You know, I've always really liked Shocker and I have no idea why. This scene is hilarious though, and Shocker in Superior Foes is great.

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@brione: She isn't, that's Hellcat

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@dondave said:

@brione: She isn't, that's Hellcat

I know it's not really Barbara Gordon but it looks just like her. Actually, that cover pic looks more like Batgirl then the inside art looks like She-Hulk.

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