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Aside from giving us another great look into one of their new series, RAI, Valiant gives its fans a look into their pullbox editions of their books. Check it all out below.

RAI #1

Matt Kindt (w) & Clayton Crain (a)

In support of the Valiant First publishing initiative, Valiant is proud to announce the Valiant First Pullbox Preview – a brand new wave of promotional preview books shipping from March to August to Valiant's top 500 retail partners worldwide! Valiant's Pullbox Preview editions will come bundled in shrink-wrapped packages of 20, and can be distributed to comic shop patrons and pullbox subscribers. Valiant will also be making additional bundles available to retailers for reorder via Diamond.

Hitting stores on March 12th alongside Unity #5,the first Pullbox Preview edition will feature a fully lettered preview of Rai #1 by superstar creators Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain, plus the first look at master storyteller Doug Braithwaite's stunning interior pencil art for Armor Hunters #1 (of 4), a complete checklist reading order for the entire 18-part Armor Hunters crossover event, and much more!

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RAI looks promising!!!

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Dat Art!

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Dat Valiant

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This looks amazing. My only concern is who will be doing the art after the first arc. I can't see anybody else coming close to matching Crain's art.

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Wow love the artwork

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The first arc will be worth the price of admission simply for Crain's work. His art is fantastic. I have really been liking Kindt's work on Unity so I have high hopes for the story as well.

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I'm really looking forward to this. It looks so promising and the art is fantastic!

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Wow! The art alone should sell this book!

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Is Crain doing the Colors too?

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Crain is a digital painter there is no line work, inks and colors everything thing you see is from him

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As beyond words amazing as the art is, the writing is utterly fantastic

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I'm still not 100% sure if I'm going to read this.

But that Armor Hunters checklist... I'm hoping I don't have to buy every single one.

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Valiant has become one of my fav publishers

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I hope Eternal Warrior makes some cameos since he's hanging about at the same time as Rai

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Well, looks like I'm going to be adding another series very soon.

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Crain's art... simply beautiful

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I hope Eternal Warrior makes some cameos since he's hanging about at the same time as Rai

In old Valiant Eternal Warrior was on a team with Rai called Future Force

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looks great love the art

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Sweet I'm sold

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Looks awesome. I'll check it out.

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The art is surely beautiful, but too much computer assisted for my taste( i'm an old school guy, i like my artist able to put more "artisanal" realness in their art). Plus i find the tone a little cold.

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Rai looks absolutely amazing. I wish it would come out sooner, but I'm happy to give Crain all the time he needs to make it look as great as it does.

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I'm gonna end up buying more than one cover for this. Gosh darn you Valiant! Gosh darn you to heck!