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PRETTY DEADLY is a new series from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios that we've been waiting for for what feels like some time. We talked to Kelly Sue back in March on the podcast and if you've seen any images from Emma, you have an idea how exciting this looks. Some of us have already started arguing over who gets to review the first issue.

Today, Image Comics has released a new preview for the first issue, due on October 23. Mark your calendar and let your local comic shop know you're interested.

Ginny is Death’s daughter, a reaper of vengeance. She rides through the West on a horse made of smoke, her face tattooed with her heritage, and deals in revenge. She is the mysterious, elusive center of PRETTY DEADLY, the first creator-owned comics series by acclaimed writer Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel, Ghost, Osborn) and artist Emma Ríos (The Amazing Spider-Man, Osborn), coming from Image Comics in October.

Simultaneously beautiful and savage, PRETTY DEADLY will unfold over the course of an ongoing story that DeConnick and Ríos developed together, creating a world and characters that are entirely their own. At the same time, DeConnick and Ríos say, it’s almost as if PRETTY DEADLY has a will of its own that guides the action.

“The book is absorbing us while breathing on its own,” said Ríos. “Sometimes I feel we are hidden behind a rock, gasping, watching the characters do their things.”

“This book has defied my directives at every turn, but made it up to me in a series of goosebump moments where things came together as if by magic,” said DeConnick.

Having worked together on Marvel’s Osborn, DeConnick and Ríos found common ground in their love of Westerns and Japanese cinema for PRETTY DEADLY. DeConnick was inspired by spaghetti westerns, Japanese “pinky violence” films, and Grimm’s fairy tales, while Ríos found her visual language for the series by absorbing both Westerns and samurai films. Colorist Jordie Bellaire (THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS, NOWHERE MEN) maintains the earthy, dusty atmosphere of the art, as well as the magical tone of the story, thanks to a subdued palette punctuated with bursts of vivid color.

“We wanted a very Leone feel to it. As we worked, I felt we were straying from that original notion and though I came to love the direction the book insisted on going, I felt a twinge of grief at the loss of the Leone connection. I don't know why, but I did,” said DeConnick. “Then a friend of mine quoted this Leone line to me: ‘The important thing is to make a different world, to make a world that is not now. A real world, a genuine world, but one that allows myth to live. The myth is everything.’ So in the end, it seems we haven't strayed at all.“

The first issue of an ongoing series, PRETTY DEADLY #1 will be in stores on October 23and can be pre-ordered from the August issue of Previews (AUG130504).

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The art looks amazing

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This looks fantastic! Can't wait to read it!

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Interesting. I might give it a shot if I have room in my pull list.

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Looks like Image may have another killer book.

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Hehe, I posted this same preview nearly six days ago in my Pretty Deadly thread. :)

If anyone needs more information on the series, check my thread here. There's links to interviews, early sketches etc.

If you plan on pre-ordering, this could come in handy. Better be quick though, as the cut-off point is the 18th of this month.

But yeah, I'll be giving this series a go when it comes out. :)

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@v_scarlotte_rose: I've been on vacation and Image officially sent out the preview this morning.

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@g_man said:

@v_scarlotte_rose: I've been on vacation and Image officially sent out the preview this morning.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to boast or be competitive. I was just a little surprised I'd got there first.

Nice to see an official preview thread though. Hopefully it'll bring in some more interest for the series. :)

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@v_scarlotte_rose: Yeah. This was a stop-everything-and-post email. As I mentioned, it feels like we've been waiting a while. I was also surprised it was way back in March when Kelly Sue was on the podcast. People need to make sure they let their comic shops know they want this.

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@akindoodle: really? I was interested until I saw the art. I hate it

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dat art.

I want this.

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Beyond excited for this book. Huge fan of Emma Rios's art.

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Love the art!

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@allstarsuperman: Well yeah. It's not conventional and sort of reminds me of early 20th century storybook illustrations which suits it well because they are telling a story. It's a really old-timey feel but a good old-timey feel

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Holy crap, I am very interested in this. The coloring makes it so I have to pay more attention to the panels and what I see is pretty cool.

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Highly geeked for this, folk.

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IDK, ill wait for the review

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This looks amazing. Ive been waiting for Rios to have an ongoing series for forever now

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Wow it looks great!

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I love that cover. And the premise sounds interesting :)

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Sucks that its still ages away :(

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Looks amazing!! My wallet is going to cry right now, but i'm super excited for this.
The art is so perfect. I love that style.
October is going to be an awesome month (This and Velvet!!)

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Hossenfeffer's death in Shadowman #0 looked better.

What's with all the dead bunnies in comics lately?

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ugh! why does it have to be the old west. im not getting this western trend that's going on ugh! but love the art, will support any and every book with a femal lead. is this a spin off of east of west? lol might as well be. looks interesting

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This is looking pretty dang cool!

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The description sounds like a Vertigo title! It looks goods! I want!

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Just the fact DeConnick is on this makes me wanna check it it has such a Jonah Hex feel to it...I must look into this further!

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Image is knocking it out of the park lately.

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I'm turning into a comic geek .... at 38

Pre ordered the first 3