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(W) Mark Waid (A) Mark Bagley (CA) J. G. Jones


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Just end this shit already...

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This does really feel dragged out. How many visual reminders do we need of Tony having been drunk? Dragging Canadian whiskey into this is just mean, by the way.

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sigh just show the fight so this one can end. This is one of the stories in Original Sin that i'm just not feeling especially when it should be so interesting.

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@raynorj: Yeah, besides some solid artwork, Tony getting his ass handed to him, and finally having Hulk back to being... well, Hulk... there isn't much at stake here.

And just think it took Mark Waid only... 2 years & 24 issues to give us a Hulk who freaking acts like Hulk! That's one of the biggest insults I feel Waid has done to the Hulk by regressing him to a dumb, growling, one-dimensional beast for his entire tenure. I could list many, many other things that Waid's done that have ticked me and other readers off, but I'll leave it at that.

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Well, then. That was interesting, engaging and frustrating. I do have to admit, this issue did a great job of making me think Tony had a getoutofjail card. Having him acknowledge he really did screw up the bomb was surprising, but knowing there is still something else? Come on, already.

I might permit myself to get the new Iron Man when he heads out to San Francisco.