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(W) Al Ewing (A/CA) Greg Land


Who are the Original Mighty Avengers?

The ghostly Deathwalkers have risen again, stronger than ever. The only thing stopping them from using their powers to end humanity once and for all? The Mighty Avengers! Only this isn't the first time a team of Mighty Avengers went toe-to-toe with the Deathwalkers. A team whose clandestine activities were lost to the annals of history - until today!

In 1972, Luke Cage's father, NYPD Detective James Lucas joined forces with Blade, the Blue Marvel and an unlikely team of heroes to combat the undead menace of the Deathwalkers. Though they sacrificed everything to save the world, their struggles were kept a close guarded secret.

But no one escapes their past - and secrets never stay truly buried.

As the Original Mighty Avengers race against time to stop the Deathwalkers in 1972, their present day counterparts attempt to uncover the startling secrets they've been keeping. Why have their deeds been kept hidden all these years? And what will they do once they're uncovered? Time is running out for the Mighty Avengers. The secret history of Luke Cage's father and the Original Mighty Avengers starts this May in MIGHTY AVENGERS #11!

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Blade fighting fire-breathing wereroosters is the best kind of Blade

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I love this book

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Disco Blade, b%tches!

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damn blade, that's a good look.

I recently re-read Blue Marvel and was very annoyed by how they fridged his wife. Ugh.

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Blade needs his own series

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I know this is going to come across badly, but all I can see is Lenny Kravitz in that panel way up top. Considering the artist, I might be able to dig up a photo to match. Not meant to be a dig, just a sincere observation.

Foghorn Leghorn on 'roids makes me smile though.