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If Catwoman really was or is dead, Batman would solo all of them plus the JlA cause it's there fault.

I've got horrible news, friend. Batman couldn't even solo his way out of his son's death. Pretty sure he goes down like a chump in your scenario.

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Martian Manhunter is it?

#53 Posted by ComicKing7 (124 posts) - - Show Bio

@sifighter: The next page has catwoman turn into martianmanhunter

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Man, this preview is a major spoiler...And I can't wait for all of the people who went apesh*t over Catwoman's "death" to read this. Silly rabbits, they should know deaths in comics mean very little.

Deaths in comics are always funny, the character could be missing all their limbs and some way they would still come back to life

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i dont really like simon baz

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Love these comics

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@autopsad: he's not the joker cause he says he wishes the joker could see him now. i was thinking he was from an alternate universe so another earth's joker but now dont know if he is going to be some obscure golden age villain or not like signal man lol.