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(W) Ales Kot (A/CA) Garry Brown


• Who is controlling the IRON PATRIOT suit?

• The conspiracy to destroy America from within grows

• And...James Rhodes dies!!!

Item Code: FEB140707In Shops: 4/23/2014SRP: $3.99

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I've heard this is in hot water, ALREADY. I like Ales Kot, though I wish he'd try less to be funny, but I have to at least give this another issue or two.

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I want this to be good, but the whole Iron Patriot not War Machine thing isn't working for me. But I'll keep coming back for a few more issues for Jim Rhodes no matter what his armor looks like.

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I think this book has been unfairly criticized. I think we got some of the best characterization from Rhodey in a very long time in this series already.My only gripe about this book is that he should be War Machine and most fans seem to want him to be War Machine. I don't why the comics can't be the comics and the movies be the movies

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I thought Rhodey's face was half machine?