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(W) James Asmus (A/CA) Clay Mann

• Gambit's latest solo series reaches its climactic conclusion!

• Torn between his separate lives - mutant hero and master thief - Gambit is forced to make a choice between the two, with major consequences for what comes next!

• But he better make his choice fast - because he's trapped at the center of a deadly super-villain riot! (And a few of them may have scores to settle with Gambit himself.)

Item Code: JUL130681

In Shops: 9/25/2013

SRP: $2.99

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To my friends, de name's Remy LeBeau. To my enemies, it's Gambit! You can go on ahead an' forget dat first name right about now. I throw de cards. De cards go boom! End of bad guy. End of story. If ya mess wit t'e KING's QUEEN, youd better watch your ACE, JACK. You know it's a bad sign when I'm de voice of reason

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I can't wait to read Gambit's trinity war tie in

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It's ending already? It feels like it just started.