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(W) Greg Rucka (A) Russell Dauterman (CA) Alexander Lozano

• A father and son mend fences the best way possible - on an intergalactic road trip!

• Stop one? The spectacular resort world of Dixzit, where Scott flirts with aliens. Badly!

• But what's the dark secret of Dixzit? Greg Rucka (PUNISHER) and Russel Dauterman (Nightwing) uncover the clues!

Item Code: APR140723In Shops: 6/4/2014SRP: $3.99

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I'm not digging the art.

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How does young Scott Summers know who Jack Sparrow is? Wouldn't Errol Flynn or Robin Hood make more sense for a kid that's supposed to be from the 70s-80s or at least I think that's where he's supposed to be from, Marvel Time can get really confusing.

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@mangakid1995: That was my first thought too....but it isn't completely inconceivable that he watched at least one of the PotC movies in his down time.

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The variant is dope.

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@mangakid1995: He doesn't, clearly he is just trying to "fake it till he makes it" with all the recent references he doesn't understand.

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Young Cyclops talking about Jack Sparrow and Han Solo.


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Dropped this after one issue... give me a present-Cyclops series.

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It's possible he knows about both Sparrow and Solo due to his short time spent in the future. It's not out of the realm of possibility.

The splash page splitting up like that was a bit confusing but Corsair ain't looking too good. What is going on with him?

Oh, and this is going to have a huge impact outside of just Scott getting to know his father (and even Havok). There goes Professor Xavier taking on the role of father figure now. I wonder if Bendis has anything planned in terms of how Scott turns out to be and if Rucka is on board with it. Scott is a good kid and all, but he's still an impressionable teenager. Without Professor X's guidance and mentorship, that has to bode ill in some away.