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(W) Nick Spencer (A) Raffaele Lenco (CA) Paul Renaud

• The UPRISING begins.

• The Island opens its doors. The Dead march into the light. The Dragon declares war.

• Confronted by immense dangers on all sides, The Avengers face a world on fire -- and to restore peace, they'll have to become something even bigger than before.

Item Code: JUN140627In Shops: 8/13/2014SRP: $3.99

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Marvel better let the Next Avengers stay in the current timeline. I want to see the Avengers reactions when they see their future kids.

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Guys I think I found our "All-New" Avengers line up. Hey what if they do stick around and Azari runs into Kymera? That would be fun.

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I hope they all get killed by Gorgon.

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I can't remember if they said that New-Thor will be a brand new character or not. If it's an established character, could it be Torunn, if she decides to stick around in this timeline?