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(W) Dennis Hopeless (A) Kev Walker (CA) Dave Johnson


• Arcade's mad plan comes to pass! Who lives? Who dies?

• Shock follows shock as the game reaches its last desperate seconds!

• AVENGERS ARENA ends here...but it's also the launch pad for what comes next!

Item Code: SEP130680 In Shops: 11/27/2013 SRP: $2.99

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This is going to be very dangerous for those kids too bad I think she's going to explode ............

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Soooooo excited, but recap...Avengers Undercover is next and we know Hazmat, Anachronism, Bloodstone, Cammi and Deathlocket survive and star in that new series by Hopeless and X-23 will be seen soon in All-New X-Men which leaves the possible deaths to be Apex (hopefully, Chris Powell, Chase, Nicko and Reptill....the suspense is killing me.