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(W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Leinil Francis Yu


• 50,000 years into the future. Holoworld: Earth's Mightiest Heroes captured in conceptual space. How do you defeat an idea?

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I have been enjoying this arc since the start of it.

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I don't usually trust Marvel (Or D.C) when it comes to stories that are time travel centered, BUT this story is really nicely done. I'm enjoying seeing different incarnations of the future Avengers, and the art work is just perfect. Really liking how Cap is being draw since way back in issue 29.

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@humanrocket: Lenil Yu is a beast when it comes to this stuff.Yeah , I really enjoy the future incarnations of the avengers from all if the future jumps.I really hope that they do some more stories with those characters in the future.I think issue 32 was a one of the best out of this arc.

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@shadowswordmaster: Same here. I especially want them to revisit that Avengers team from 50 years into the future. Seeing that future Hawkeye and Starbrand was great and could have some cool back stories.

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@humanrocket: Indeed , I feel like they did give enough backstory for each time jump to make them interesting. Yeah the Hawkeye and Starbrand were really well done and look really cool too.I would be down to see the Ultron Avengers if we can call them that.The one with Franklin kinda remind me of legion of superheroes in a werid way.

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@shadowswordmaster: I get what you're saying about the Legion of Superhero version. Seeing also that Groot was still around that time could also men maybe some other heroes could still be around or have gained the powers of former heroes, like the Starbrand being handed down, or a new Nova, or a new Quasar. Ultron has always been my second fav Avengers bad guy, so I wouldn't mind them giving me more stories of that incarnation of the team, especially after the disappointment of Age of Ultron.

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Well that could be a possibility with a new Nova and a new Quasar . There was a lot of images that had legecy characters like what they did with Black Widow Ultron lady .I think everyone would like to see that too man.I mean Planet Ultron has a good idea but maybe the Avengers OGN that deals with Ultron would be amazing.

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A strange story... but a strikingly good one so far :)

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This arc has been incredible. Can't wait to see how it ends.

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This is getting crazy.