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(W) Peter David (A) Carmine Di (CA) Jared K. Fletcher, Kris Anka

• The team faces unexpected consequences for "saving" a young girl.

• Plus: Gambit does something naughty.

Item Code: APR140726In Shops: 6/4/2014SRP: $3.99

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Well then, this book got cereal. As much as PAD made me care about these character's he has only managed to make me strongly dislike Lorna. Alas, that is fine when we get this Danger and Gambit, the swashbuckling idiot.

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I'm going to check this out for the first time.

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Gambit's gonna plow Snow's wife, I just know it.

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Annoying cover. Really, really annoying. Annoying exchange between Lorna and weird dude. I hope they show Lorna expressing her distrust of him in some way soon. I am loving Danger. I am hating the excessive ellipses. Can't wait for this issue.