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(W) James Robinson (A) Steve Pugh (CA) Greg Land


• Reeling from last issue's stunning revelation, THE ALL-NEW INVADERS discover a devastating new threat!

• What is the secret behind the abduction of THOMAS RAYMOND, the TORCH'S old sidekick TORO?

• Can NAMOR, the WINTER SOLDIER and the HUMAN TORCH save humanity or is it already too late?

• A new arc and the return of fan favorite artist, STEVE PUGH!!!

Item Code: MAY140839In Shops: 7/23/2014SRP: $3.99

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This series has been kinda disappointing- but I do like seeing the Torch & Namor in action, & I hope Bucky gets to see some action in this.

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@winter_kills: Wouldn't be surprised if Bucky stayed in a few panels only, somewhere in the shadows, out of action. Yeah, All-New Invaders: Jim Hammond & Prince Namor.

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Yeah, it definitely wouldn't shock me; definitely keeping my expectations low. Writers just don't seem to know how to write Bucky in a team setting, or even in x-over books with an ensemble cast like Original Sin. It would be awesome in All-New Invaders if they used him like the advance scout/espionage agent doing the dirty jobs, like assassination of targets strategically, that nobody else could do- the team's secret member & "wild card". But that never seems to happen. But, at least we have the new BB: TWS ongoing coming up to make up for it!

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Hey should really write Bucky as more of a Snake Eyes character.

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so is this how they're introductin Deathlok back into the Marvel U, which will lead to his own book later on?