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(W) Felipe Smith (A/CA) Tradd Moore


• It's the fight you've been waiting for: GHOST RIDER VS. a modified MR. HYDE

• ROBBIE REYES' violent neighborhood has become a full-blown urban battlefield. Can he save it? Will he want to?

• All-out action and a twist that will hit you at a 100mph!

Item Code: MAY140838In Shops: 7/30/2014SRP: $3.99

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I know some people complain about the art, but I really enjoy it. It works so well in this book. I'm waiting for when Punisher and this Ghost Rider tag team since they are both based in LA, unless Frank will head off somewhere different after he gets out of his current predicament.

Still, those are some gruesome panels.

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O My God *_*

4 Issue telling "Well, there is Zabo/Hyde, but this Grumpy will be the first, great enemy of the new Ghost Rider..." and.... SPLATT, Grumpy is no more? *___* Freaking Good!

I love this serie! [And I love the art too. Strange, unusual, but very Good :)]

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HOLY DAMN. I was NOT expecting that. I can't wait for this showdown between the Rider and Mr. Hyde