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(W) Felipe Smith (A/CA) Tradd Moore


• The streets of East LA flare up with drug-fueled gang violence form DR. ZABO's power-enhancing narcotic.

• Will ROBBIE REYES submit to the spirit inside him and go too far in protecting the neighborhood?

• What is MR. HYDE's diabolical plan to expand his underground empire?

Item Code: APR140701In Shops: 6/25/2014SRP: $3.99

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Anyone reading this, is it good?

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Great book!

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@dimitridkatsis: Yeah, it's a pretty awesome book. One of my top picks out of my pull-list.

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I think the art matches the tone of this book perfectly.

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Doesn't it?! That's the only thing that I'm afraid of. That when this title changes artists that the next one won't be able to convey the same kind of energy that Tradd Moore has thus far.

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@clawfist: That is going to be a big problem, for sure. I really hope they find someone similar to Moore because it's a huge reason why I am loving this book.

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I don't know, I'm really liking the story a lot too myself, but it does feel more like a 40% / 60% relationship, doesn't it? I saw the solicited cover for... I think it was issue 6, and the artist was solicited for both art and cover, and I'm not a fan of his art style, personally. The flames alone just don't look right, and the Rider on the cover looks way more weird machine than Moore makes him look, I thought it was a different character at first glance. So I am worried.

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@clawfist: It really is a 40/60 relationship! Nice description! We seem to be of the same mind set so now I am really worried. I know I will hunt down the preview you're talking about and I know I am going to regret it.

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I just went through that thread and hmm. (by the way, thank you for the link, it was enjoyable looking at all those covers coming up for September) It looks like they might have tried to go for the same style (somewhat) by putting Scott on it, but it's missed the mark. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.