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(W) Sean Ryan (A/CA) In-Hyuk Lee

• It's 100 years after the wall-crawler's creation, but when the Kingpin has taken Spider-Man's ultra-powerful techno-symbiote suit, Spider-Man will need to prove once again why he is the world's greatest super hero.

Item Code: MAY140813In Shops: 7/9/2014SRP: $3.99

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Payback for Back in Black

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Great art.

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Great Power 8 of 8 What?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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that read like a really bad fanfic ,I've never found myself saying that but my god does it ever smack you in the face

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@guardiandevil83: But Spidey wasn't even wearing tHe symbiote wHen He beat up Fisk. He was wearing a black suit but it was just a suit. He didn't Have extra powers.


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@thecheesestabber: marvel said the 100th anniverary specials are like if you pick up a series at a random point

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eh. looks ok. I wonder what the situation is going to be with MJ. if they'll be married, or if she'll even be in it at all.