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I still can't see New 52 Catwoman joining a team like this. And I like Katana in the Birds of Prey. Besides, someone like Black Canary or Starling should be more likely to join.

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On the plus side, Johns has always been more comfortable with B-list characters. His Justice League series has been lackluster to say the least (at least until Throne of Atlantis), while his Aquaman is awesome. So I'm hoping that he can do some of these characters justice. I'm definitely interested to see where he takes Manhunter and Hawkman. Plus, Finch is on pencils, and if it's anything like his work on Moon Knight (and not New Avengers) - this could be one pretty book.

On the other hand, Johns seems to be seriously stretched thin. Between this, Justice League, Aquaman, and Trinity War, I'm wondering if he's compromising quality for quantity. And I'm not too pumped about the composition of the team. It's lacking a number of powerhouses (there's only Manhunter, Green Lantern, Hawkman), and the bulk of the team is made up of more 'lower-level' superheroes. Basically, it doesn't feel very 'Justice-League-ish'.

All that being said, I'm still staying optimistic about this. I'm interested to see this team interact with the Justice League, and willing to give the benefit of the doubt to Johns and Finch. Basically, gonna stay open-minded and give it a shot.