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@knighthood: Why not?

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@knighthood said:

@Miss_Garrick: The leader of a rebel movement can't be the traitor.

Having recently read Runaways...I'll have to disagree.

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I hope its Cyclops, but only cause I dislike Cyclops with a passion (hey I read all Xmen from 1964 on, I have a lot of material to judge here)

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Just thought i would fix the fact that there is no lady mastermind that is emma frost in your new costume, I think its going to be one of the new people .. hope its not emma.

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either emma or one the newbies but less likely emma. i could see the newbies being uncertain and thinkin they are on the wrong side and emma loves being a teacher so could see her wanting to join up wolvie's crew. magik, magneto and cyclops are oust by everyone so dont see them betraying each other, their all they have.

for those who say these are the traitors please, read avx and previous two years of uncanny x-men. wolvie and his crew turned their backs on their people when the going got too tough for them (which is totally out of character but whatev). kitty and magik are best friends but during all the drama she has been going through where was kitty when magik needed her? its suppose to be sisters before misters, but guess not when wolverine's involved :(

p.s. cyclops was right

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She's still angry at Scott and wants to go back to the actual school. Plus she can keep an eye on New/Old Jean that way.

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I hope it's Emma! I think it would be cool to see her against Cyclops on the battle field!