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Marvel has been releasing teasers for INFINITY, coming our way this August. Today they've revealed a little bit of information concerning Sam Alexander, the new NOVA. Based on his powers and the legacy of it all, it makes sense that he would be pulled into this event. Hopefully he'll have the knack to survive!

This September, superstar writer Zeb Wells is joined by fan-favorite artist Paco Medina to show fans what Sam Alexander is made of in Nova #8! Tying into the blockbuster event of the summer, Infinity, Nova #8 shows fans what new threats lie beyond the edges of the Marvel Universe!

With our heroes at the other end of the universe, and Sam Alexander having just gotten a hold of his new found powers – is he able to help the impending threat coming to Earth? Thanos, the galaxy’s most ruthless threat and an unparalleled force of brutality, is coming and Nova must learn quickly the legacy and responsibility thrust upon him.

“Thanos is not so subtly trying to pillage the Earth,” explains Wells in an interview with “Sam, as one of the few cosmic heroes still planet-side, figures he needs to step up to the plate.”

This September, the intensity of Infinity is turned up a notch as Wells & Medina throw the first blows in Nova #8!


Written by ZEB WELLS




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He's toast, but I'm excited!

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Rich Rider is alive and reforms the Nova Corps you say?.......... no......... ok....*distancing footsteps*

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I don't really "want" to get invested in the event so I'm hoping I can ready my NOVA issues without being too confused with whatever Thanos has up his... uhh, sleeve?

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Has anyone started taking bets on whether Richard Ryder is coming back at the end of Infinity? He's referenced in GOTG and Nova and this event stars Thanos and Nova and GOTG are tying in. Sounds about right to me.

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@amutant said:

Rich Rider is alive and reforms the Nova Corps you say?.......... no......... ok....*distancing footsteps*

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dont read nova. awsome cover though

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@kriminal: Despite certain people one track mind of hating legacy heroes Nova has been surprisingly good. Yeah you heard me Jeph Loeb finally wrote something good since Hush.

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Here's hoping he dies painfully.

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@trevel8182: Dude honestly knock it off I know you miss Rich but wishing death on a character with promising future stories just makes you sound bitter. Sam has barely done anything wrong for people to scorn him like 20% of this site does. Please don't turn this into another Superior Spider-man thread...

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@dj1107: Promising future stories his promise future stories are just ripoffs of Rich Rider, I think that maybe the worst part about this instead of creating a new unique interesting character who was nothing like his predosser they make a shitty clone, god the more I talk about the more this new NOVA is starting to sound like the the brand new day version of NOVA so maybe is should count my blessing Rich was replaced instead of throwing all his morals and everything stood for away and made a deal with the devil.

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@z3ro180 said:

@spinningbirdcake: when was rider mentioned in ?

mentioned in what? He was reference directly in Nova when Gamora and Rocket Raccoon are training him. And Star Lord coming back from the Cancerverse is referenced in GOTG #1.

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Que angry Richard Rider fans...

Here's hoping he dies painfully.

Wait never mind

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I have high hopes for Sam. He should be treated just as awesome as Richard or else people will lose interest. Jeb and Paco, we Nova fans put our faith in you!

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Oh snap!

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@amutant said:

Rich Rider is alive and reforms the Nova Corps you say?.......... no......... ok....*distancing footsteps*

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Poor poor Rich.. replaced with Loeb's dead son in the comics and the new leader of Nova Corps for GoTG movie is Glenn Close.

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Thanos, please exterminate him and reanimate Richard Ryder, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease. Kidding aside, this looks awesome!

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Love the cover don't give a crap about Sam, hated his guts after seeing him in Ultimate Spider-Man. Hope he dies just to get retribution for Loeb canceling EMH for Assemble.

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i wonder if Marvel is going to tie up loose ends (too many of them) with the New Nova and surviving Nova Corp like Richard Rider's baby brother, Thanos (how the hell did he escape that dimension?), how Starlord is back with blond hair (I know it's a reboot and a lousy one at that)? and more important question...What ever happen to the original Guardians of the Galaxy? To me, it's another attempt by Marvel to hogwash the fans and leaving too much of a mess to clean up. Selling big and coming up short in the long run.

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Can't wait looks awesome!

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Really looking forward to this.

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Hopefully Infinity is going to be much better than Age of Ultron!

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How did Thanos come back?

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So I guess no one cares about Age of Ul-i'm sorry, Wolverine's time adventure any more.

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I like Richard Rider a lot, but hey that has never stopped me from liking Sam as well, although i do hope they would bring Rider back soon , as nova prime while Sam gets to be the nova.

The confrontation with Thanos is a win , win scenario for Sam really, no one expects him to do a lot against Thanos. He gets thrashed up pretty horribly by Thanos well then it would be what everyone expect given Thanos power level and Sam's, its not like Richard or heck even Surfer has fared any better against Thanos.

If he even gives Thanos a bit of a fight, which is what i am expecting, its still a huge plus for Sam as a character.

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Being back the rich rider!

Sam is okay but come on Starlord and Thanos make it out of the cancerverse but not nova? He was just getting the respect he deserves .

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So, is the plot of "Superman Unchained"; Superman escapes from slavery and becomes a bounty hunter to kill the men who stole his wife?

Or is the DC reader the one that is being unchained from the horrifyingly bad Superman run of Scott Lobdell. Scott Lobdell's run is almost as offensive and disturbing as slavery and I feel like slavery there are evil people like Dan Didio who refuse to acknowledge just how bad it really is.

Either way, I am not reading Superman (Unchained or otherwise) until they liberate the main Superman titles from the oppression of Scott Lobdell.