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@lorex said:

I am fine with Nightcrawler coming back but I hate that will be yet another X-Men title with Wolverine in it. Marvel just can not help themselves. They seem determined to ruin this character. Remember when Wolverine was cool, me neither.

he is still cool in my eyes.....

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@shadowx said:

Super excited for this. I actually hope mystique gets involved somehow.

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Hell Yeahhh! Nightcrawler the X-men's good ole elf is back! My favorite X-men has alway's been Nightcrawler,second is Gambit,third is Cyclops,I remember in the 80s X-men comic'z,Nightcrawler,Wolverine and Colossus were always runnin off from the X-mansion,gettin in all kinds of adventures,wolvie,the elf and thier strongman,like when Nightcrawler and Spiderman first met at a amusement park and got into a fight,while Punisher was shootin at both of them! And also Wolverine,Archangel and others had to go rescue Psylockes soul when Sabertooth ripped her apart back in the day,they went through hell,and now he's going back for Nightcrawlers soul,Wolvie's a true friend and the X-men are loyal that's why thier my favorite marvel group,I really can't wait for this! I'm so happy Mr Kurt Wagner is back,and he is attacking his dad Azazel,lol Thanks Marvel!!!!!

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I will pick up this series to read just because of Kurt. This fuzzy blue dude was always one of my absolute favorites.

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I for one was shocked and upset by the death of Nightcrawler during Second Coming, so much so that his return so early (I know a lot's happened since 2010, but still). I guess it was inevitable, but it just takes away from what was such a 'great' death for him to be returning already.

Saying that, he's one of my favourite X-Men and I'm eager to see him back. Hopefully this new X-title will be enough to entice me, I'll be looking out for reviews. The potential's there to do something really great with the opening arc, and with the character in general; let's just hope the creative team delivers.

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I was a little unhappy with the fact that they're using so many characters already being used (i.e. Storm, Wolverine, Beast) when there are so many others (forgotton) that could be focused on, then I read that this book is basically a companion book to Wolverine and the X-men, that these are the teachers from the school, doing their superheroics so it somewhat made sense to me, Jason said that the cast will be somewhat rotating, but all within the dynames of the Jean Grey School. So, I'm excited about it. Jason's writing is kinda' hit or miss, but usually more hit than not. In reference to Nightcrawler, characters dying and coming back doesn't bother me so much as the story itself, i.e. is it a good journey, or not? Jason said that this storyline is going to answer what is up with the bamfs, I'm hoping they weren't "real" but a manifestation of Kurt's plea for help from the other side, but that, I have to accept his origin, which I hated. I was extremely bothered by (Mike Careys?) origin of NIghtcrawler and his father "Azazel," that took more away from the character than him dying and coming back. The reason Kurt was such a powerful character is that he looked like a demon but wasn't, then Mike (?) said, well, he's half a demon. Doesn't that then negate him being a mutant? What is his mutant ability, if his father is a demon and has the same powers? I hated that! Sill do and wish someone would retcon that origin more than any others.

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YAYAYAY Nightcrawler is coming back!!! ...... but more GOD DAMN Wolverine!?!?!?!

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He died a hell of a noble death, the way that Kurt should go out. They will NEVER write as emotional an ending for a character, and they will never offer a more fitting send-off. Bringing him back cheapens everything that he did and the sacrifice he made.

I love Nightcrawler and Beast more than anything in the X-Men universe, but I do not want Nightcrawler back. His death was perfect, and it pisses me off that they feel the need to do this to him.

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A journey for Nightcrawler's soul and no mention of Amanda Sefton? Pfft.

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Is this another Marvel comic that's biweekly too?

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I'd been waiting for this for awhile, heard rumors it was happening, and there were plenty of hints in the books. I'm just disappointed it has to take place in a whole new book. I mean...that's what like 8 X-books now? Come on...

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Nice to seeing Iceman and Northstar have somewhere to land after the cancellation of Astonishing. This gives me hope a book with the remaining members of X-Factor is in the works.

This book sounds like fun -- shades of the old X-Men which got me hooked in the first place. Keep it up, Marvel.

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Wonder Woman XXX

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You know something I'm not sure about this just for the fact that there are already doing too many Xmen books in my opinion and I think that having Wolverine kind off vacuums off the attention from Night crawler.

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Huge fan, can't wait to see what's in tore for nightcrawler

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Well, another ongoing to start buying monthly.

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I like Aaron's writing. Wolverine and the X-men is the only X book I still buy I use to get them all so I am glad he is bringing back Nightcrawler.

I for one hated Nightcrawler's death it was unnecessary

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Bringing Kurt back? Yes. ANOTHER X-Men book? No no NO!

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