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To all you Marvel fan boys, Its so funny to me how you guys think Marvel itself is "TOAA" ,no pun intended, in the comic book world. When actually I think Marvel is a commercialized product made for children. If you ask me, the only characters worth taking notice to are the Phoenix, the Hulk, and Thanos. One thing you guys are right about is the fact that Angela doesn't belong in the Marvel U. I think she belongs in the DCU. Marvel is way to bubble gum for her think of the universe where she came. And I really think Gaiman was being a childish douche by practicing such an act. Next we will Cogliostro at Darkhorse or maybe even DC. But not Mideval Spawn(idle character). I think he knows better to even try to do anything with that character. But in the end Todd Still wins. With a new Spawn flick in the works, A toy line, Still drawing for comics. . . And what does Gaiman have. The tables will turn in the end Gaiman. This time it will be egg in your face. I can't wait for the day Todd has revenge without really trying to get that revenge. Only this time, Gaiman won't be able to do anything about it.

Since everyone else is doing it. . . .. . . . Marvel. . . . . . . MEEEH!

Wow, it looks like you see the world through feces covered glasses. Which is funny as you also happen to be a giant steaming pile of shit too!

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Tell a great story, draw great art. This story interests me so I will buy issues with Angela in them and the art looks great. Not sure why it has to be more complicated than that.

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How long before Stark tries to bang her?

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How very.... generic.

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sora_thekeyUnfollowSend PMForum Posts: 7895Wiki Points: 18400Followed by: 71847Reviews: 30 Lists: 8Posted by sora_thekey - July 05, 2013 at 1:07 PM

Let me just take a moment and remind everyone of this aritst's other works...

This X-women is a better representation of his work. The Angela cover is not the best. Seems plain. Ol'McF was a great artist for covers especially. Sword is not as zazzy as her huge-ass-lance-pike of old.

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Yeah, I think this is perceived more by the mid-thirty to forty-something persons who were there for the momentous occasion of the birth of Image Comics. All of the premium top-title artists/writers simultaneously left Marvel and forged a new standard for comics.

Founding of Image Comics: illustrators Todd McFarlane (known for his work on Spider-Man), Jim Lee (X-Men), Rob Liefeld (X-Force), Marc Silvestri (Wolverine), Erik Larsen (The Amazing Spider-Man), Jim Valentino (Guardians of the Galaxy), and Whilce Portacio (Uncanny X-Men); and longtime Uncanny X-Men writer Chris Claremont.[2] This development was nicknamed the "X-odus", because several of the creators involved (Claremont, Liefeld, Lee, Silvestri, and Portacio) were famous for their work on the X-Men franchise. Marvel's stock fell $3.205/share when the news became public.

Angela and Spawn were epic for a couple years. It had an adult-yet-slapstick graphic novel feel with hands down the most gorgeous art and interesting layout of pages; really championed the computer graphics that are norm today. Before Image, comics pretty much looked just like they did in the 70's. (Not saying that is all bad)

AND never forget Neil Gaimen is the F'n man...

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That ain't a bad cover. Got a pretty nice Heavy Metal vibe from it.

I do, however, regret looking up the artist's other works...

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@kuyamu: they will probably have a short intense "catfight" duel-skills and technique vs 100,000s of years worth of experience. Later they will be in Starlin's Bar drinking a girly drink with some alien fruit in it. They will be bragging and trying to 1-up the other with their war story accomplishments.

G: I punched a guy so hard his eyes exploded and he deficated himself.

A: I once let a dragon swallow me just so I could judy-chop its heart from the inside.

G: I jumped in molten lava head-to-toe just so I could get a finishing blow on some douche Badoon.

A: I pretended to be a poor defenseless maiden to lure a hellspawn...

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I'm stunned that it's Milo Manara!

I mean, he's not exactly known for his all-ages super-hero artwork...

However, it's nice to see that he's branching out from his typical fare.

He seems to be one of Marvel's new go-to variant artists, he's been doing a lot for Guardians lately. I think they figured they could capitalize on him that way since he's not err....exactly suited to interiors.

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@citizenbane said:

What exactly is that belt holding up?

Better question is if there are no straps to that bra/giant metal pasties thing how exactly is it staying on?