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My daughter is only nine-years-old and she's already becoming cynical when it comes to comics. Most of the all-ages titles she's enjoyed end up coming to an end. The good news is this June Boom! Studios is welcoming the Eisner Award-winning series, HEROBEAR AND THE KID to their KaBOOM! imprint. Mike Kunkel has a brand new adventure set for the HEROBEAR AND THE KID SPECIAL #1.

Remember when you went on your first trip to an amusement park? Remember the excitement and anticipation? When Tyler's class wins a contest, they get to go to the grand opening of...Dippityland! But before Tyler can enjoy the day, he and his best friend Herobear have to stop a gang of imposter mascots from kidnapping the park's creator, Walter Dippity. It's a race against time to stop them from stealing a magical drawing on display in the heart of the park and destroying Dippityland forever. Join in with cartoonist Mike Kunkel’s Eisner Award-winning HEROBEAR AND THE KID in a brand new adventure!

The special is on sale June 5, 2013. It will ship with an all-new full color cover and is available for order under the Diamond code APR130954. Be sure to let your comic shop know you must have this. You can also ask about the Animation Cell Variant and the rare Mike Kunkel Hand-Sketch Variant.

Stay tuned for more.

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AWESOME! I gotta read this!

(@xerox_kitty will be so excited to hear about this.)

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@bumpyboo: hugs tight

I thought you might like

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This is some of the best comic book news I have heard all day!

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My 6 year old bro liked the preview in the Kaboom! FCBD issue but its 2013, black and white? Ew

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Shoot, why couldn't this be available already in time for Kunkel's appearance at Long Beach Comic Expo? I'm heading there this weekend! Ah well, I'll take a look at this when its out regardless.

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Awww, man! This seems to be the perfect birthday present for little nephew. So many useful article on the vine this week. Seems like I'm finding everything I need right here.