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Comic book crossovers can be a great thing. Some might say we don't get enough of them these days. The key is having characters that make sense together and a creative team that knows what it's doing.

Dynamite Entertainment has given us a shared exclusive on the latest crossover they have planeed for this July, THE SHADOW/GREEN HORNET: DARK NIGHTS.

The story will be penned by legendary comic book writer/movie producer Michael Uslan. Uslan is the originator and Executive Producer of the Batman movie franchise. The interior art will be by Keith Burns with covers by Alex Ross and John Cassaday.

What could bring these two characters together? There is a threat so big it forces the two to join forces. There is a plot so deadly that it involves real events in history as well as famous and infamous people such as Woodrow Wilson, Rasputin, J. Edgar Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Nikola Tesla. There is an unstoppable power plunging the world into darkness and it's up to the two heroes to put a stop to it.

Here's what Uslan had to say:

"In The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights, a terror plot unfolds during World War I but doesn't strike until the world is on the eve of a second world war. In a time of grave crisis, Lamont Cranston and Britt Reid are brought together by FDR, himself, but NOT for the reason one would EVER imagine! Is it possible that The GIRASOL of The Shadow... like The Cosmic Cube in the Marvel Universe... holds within the ultimate power on earth? If so, will anything stop Hitler and the mighty Shiwan Khan from seizing it at all costs? Only The Shadow and The Green Hornet joining forces have a chance in Hell of stopping them and saving mankind from a fate worse than death!"


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When I first saw the headline, I thought it mean't a Shadow/Green Hornet crossover movie (because, you know, Uslan is a movie producer). The comic idea sounds cool too though.

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This looks cool but I doubt I'll have the money...

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I have to get this.

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I wonder if J. Edgar Hoover is the villain?

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Darn it...Dynamite kills it again. This is good, especially being on the heels of Masks. Great stuff!

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I wonder what Tesla is going to be doing. Using his Death Ray to blow up another area besides Tunguska?

Excited about this. Can't wait for it