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@Mr. Kamikaze said:

If Thor was Michael Jackson...Tanarus would be Usher...trying real hard to be like him, but looking like a total fool in the process.

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Pencils & Cover by ADAM KUBERT
Odin decides the final fate of Asgard…and it will never be the same.
The heroes of the Nine Worlds bid farewell to one of their own.
If this is all true, I have given up the little hope I had left in Marvel. Sure he'll be back for the Avengers movie, but that's just Marvel killing off Thor for nothing and replacing him with some wannabe. Worst move Marvel's done in a long long time and they have had some pretty bad moves as of late.
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Who is he? Is he somehow releated to Thor or was he an older God of Thunder & Thor took over his shows for a bit? Odin might have something to do with this. Crazy old fart.

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this....is pretty lame. and when is this Fear Itself crap going to end already?

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@Mr. Kamikaze: wow, he does look like archer lol

i was thinking more he looks like an orc

anyway i think he's bad news, from what i found out tanarus is an imposter and loki knows it so it sounds like tanarus is going to be some new villain and thor will come back

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I don't believe Thor will be replaced,andif he is,it wil most likely be a temporary thing. If not,Marvel has gone out of their minds,and have produced the biggest crap in their entire history.

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I think they're trying to reestablish Donald Blake as Thor's secret identity.

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@Thor's hammmer said:

-_- F that!
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Well, Maybe Marvel wanted a Thor that was Grandpa friendly?

But really, how I looked at this was, if they tried to introduce this character even without the recent events of what happened to Thor, I would look at it and say nothing about this character looks interesting. The suite is bland and he looks like a villain out of old school comics back in the 60's that you would probably never see again because he died in some really lame way. What was the huge guy in Spider-man that guy who was running for mayor secretly controlling and talked like Hulk? Eh either way they died and where never seen or remembered by many and he looks like one of those villains. Like no real effort was put in the design. Very bland and boring looking. I did not even know he was a Celtic god till I looked him up. his armor is too plan to tell me anything. And that Hammer, oh lordy. You know what I love about Thor's Hammer? Its not fancy looking. It looks like something centuries old. His Hammer had character. I like the handle on it. Plus its big and square and look like it hurt his it smacked in the face even if you where Hulk. That think looks like a demented Polo stick for gods to play Polo, or crochet which fits cause its fancy looking. It looks like if he threw that at Hulk, he would just giggle and say that tickles. Nope this is why I stopped reading most of marvel.

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Not as sexy as Chris Hemsworth.

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I don't mind the design, but I do think it's far too soon after Thor's return. And don't we have enough alternate Thors to make up an entire army anyways?

Haha, Thor Corps is funny.

No. I don't like him.