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Not sure I like the Black Bolt vs. Thanos angle.

BB is a powerhouse, but he shouldn't be considered a threat to Thanos...

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Event fatigue is a myth, it doesn't exist

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Yeah, no more events. I didn't read the last 2 and I won't read this one.

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Can't... stand... any... more... Marvel... events...... bleuurggghh

I agree!...but I keep buying them because I'm weak, so weak.

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At least it's only six issues so if it sucks it'll be over soon enough. But let's not be negative.

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All these Thanos fanboys. It's painfully obvious that this is just gonna be another rehash of Infinity Gauntlet and some more character worship. I mean, you can be hyped. But let's not treat this like something New and Fresh.

Plus, what the hell is going on at Marvel Headquarters? Age of Ultron, which they've been pushing for years and isn't even done yet, is getting the shaft for a cover?

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yes thanos

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Still going to be better then Trinity war that screams hypocrisy. Won't be as good as Unity though.

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People continuously complain about Marvel and its events yet every time Marvel releases one, it is a best seller and the masses gobble it up. If you're truly tired of them, then don't buy them.

Well said.

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Black Bolt is going to kick some ass.

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I Can't wait for read this!!!!