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Marvel has released a new teaser. They're promising a 'secret origin' for Tony Stark. What could there possibly be that we don't know? How will this change the character?

What is the secret origin of Tony Stark? Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more news behind the biggest Iron Man story no fan can miss!

Guess we'll have to wait until May to find out.

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It turns out he's actually Tony Chew

Or a Women...

Or both...

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Meh another updated origin

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Probably something to do with his father.

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He has a twin brother! Wait... That's been done hasn't it?

I really have no idea what Secret Origin could be hidden behind the Iron Avenger.

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He has a villain who has eyes on the sides of his or her head!

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Shouldn't the big news be that perhaps Greg Land is off the book!?! :-)

Maybe I'll be picking this up soon!

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Tony stark's Son! O:

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He is gonna go out into space and find out he is actually part alien.

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Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'll check it out if I hear good things.

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he's mustache is a sleeper alien bent on world domination!

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Funny cover.

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More Secret Origins. What we don't known about him? Is they revealing HE IS BATMAN?

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@Mucklefluga said:

Tony stark's Son! O:

best guess

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He was actually visited by his future self as a child which helped sculpt him into becoming the genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist we all know and love.

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Is this Iron Man and not a mini series? Does that mean Greg Land is off the book? Finally?

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@Mr. Kamikaze: Not necessarily. Just as David Marquez is doing three issues of ALL-NEW X-MEN because of the twice-a-month schedule.

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I'll wait for reviews before I express my excitement

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Nothing. We'll learn nothing.

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Iron Baby?

the silver age must have found a way out of that wormhole we put it in. (J/K)

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He's actually a bioengineered machine implanted into a surrogate mothers womb. I mean have we ever really seen much of his mother? It's always about the father. :p

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This made me laugh, baby Tony Stark.

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I kind of want to read this story arc even though I already dropped this series from my pull list

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1) Get rid of Kieron gillen off all ironman books

2) Who needs an updated secret origins? again!

3) anyone notice gillen was using a re-hash extremis story for his first arc... now he's repeating another story we've all heard before

4) Please Marvel, don't let disney ruin iron man just so it suck more money out of dumb popcorn eating filming going audience

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No more Greg Land? And the whole Comic Vine community let out a collective sigh of relief. Haha

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This could be interesting.

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Iron baby, he makes our dreams come true

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@Gonzo33: he I din't notice high five

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His father programmed him as a baby. Tony Stark is truly a machine

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Does the secret origin involve a new artist. I know drawing comic books is very difficult, but you have to find the right artist... etc...

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No more Greg Land?

HALLELUJA!!!!! I can finally enjoy Iron man again.

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It probably has something to do with Howard Stark and tie into Hickman's SHIELD, maybe?

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Baby! Let's get the Avengers to babysit Tony! Keep him away from the alcohol, I mean, milk.

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ok, if this is the cover their going for I expect the first words to be "When a mommy and a Daddy love each other VEEEEERY much......" If not then it's truly a missed oppertunity :P

+ Baby super heroes just = cool (i mean just look at the DC silver age :P)

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Baby Tony needs a diaper change

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This may be the greatest thing Greg Land's ever drawn

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You don't say. This'll be interesting.

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Gillen's writing?

I'll pass.

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Aww, iron baby <3

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Sigh, I really hope this isn't one of those stories with false revelations eg. that Tony has secretly been Iron Man from childhood, or that his father was the first Iron Man or some similar rubbish.

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He's a clone of his dad!?!?!?!

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yah turns out Tony's dad is a time displaced version of HERBIE the robot and his mother is an alternate reality female version of RHINO. who knew?

btw does anyone else think the diaper looks a little... full at the back? IRON DOOKIE

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I don't know iron Man that well, but how much of the relationship with his father and him starting Stark that are prestented in Iron Man 2 is from the comics? If there is not much here, maybe they could work on this topic. However that creates the hole problem Tony Stark making the suit in Vietnam (even though the time and place has probably been Retrocon).

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This sounds interesting. I'll wait for reviews before I plop down the cash for it, though.

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What else could you do with Tony Stark's origin?

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Haha he is realted to Howard the Duck, or he has a brother like in the other universe... Or!? We are in the Matrix.

but what else can you do to him?