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There's no question about it: there are a lot of changes coming to Marvel's X-Men universe; one of them being Cable's return in Avengers: X-Sanction. You may remember us mentioning something about Cable's return back in September when we covered a Marvel live blog interview with the series' writer Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuinness. The new story, which is set to hit stores on December 14th, will pit Cable against the Avengers, something that according to Marvel's VP Tom Brevoort, doesn't happen everyday.

"This story puts Cable in a situation where he's surrounded by and dealing with characters he doesn't normally. It's not just another story with Cable and the X-Men. The idea of Cable as a man out to protect his daughter by any means necessary gives the character an emotional heft and underlines everything he does. It's richly fulfilling."

If you know anything about the X-Men Universe then you may already have guess that at the center of the controversy is Hope. But what do the Avengers want with Hope, and why does Cable need to fight "the world's mightiest heroes"? Check out the cover to the first issue, Avengers: X-Sanction #1 by Mcguiness and the accompanying solicit below. What do you think?

== TEASER ==
Written by JEPH LOEB
Art & Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
FOC – 11/7/11, ON SALE – 12/14/11
Marvel is pleased to present your first look at superstar artist Ed McGuinness’ Avengers X-Sanction #1 cover. The safety of the future is at stake and it’s all up to Cable in order to save it – even if that means taking on the heaviest hitters in the Marvel Universe. With only 24 hours to destroy the Avengers, can he take on all of Earth’s Mightiest alone? Find out as superstar creators Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness kick off the countdown to the 2012’s status quo-shattering event in the Avengers: X-Sanction #1!
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Still not sure if I'm going to get this. Otherwise... kick his *** Cap!

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interesting match up, but the art looks cheesy 

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Meh. I could really care less. All this stuff with Cable and Hope was cool at first when it seemed to all mean something but over time it's become increasingly obvious that the writers have not been collaborating with each other therefore leading to inconstancies in the story and the looming feeling that they're just making it up as they go. The X-writers should take time to give each event a solid conclusion and follow up on any loose ends before immediately jumping into another just as complex and completely unrelated story arc. Shock value is a valuable tool that when used correctly can hook readers forever but when used too often readers will stop becoming attached to the characters and the story. It's this kind of sloppy storytelling that is loosing them readers.

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Jeph Loeb? Anticipate garbage!

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If it is fighting skill vs fighting skill then it is Cap all the way, but Cable has some extra tricks in his up his sleeves. If anyone could kick Cap's butt it would be Cable.

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@allpro said:

interesting match up, but the art looks cheesy

I like the art work, except for Cap's face. He looks like he wants to kiss Cable.

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Cable would demolish Cap. Not for anything, but Cable is by far a more hardened war fighter and campaign leader. Cable was a soldier his entire life, Cap was one for about three years because he took drugs. I love Cap, but him fighting Cable is a loss before he even raises his shield.

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I don't like this cover. The others are better.
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@allpro said:

interesting match up, but the art looks cheesy

True, Cap face really tones down how epic this match up could be

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Well at least we don't have to worry about them killing each other.  Even if they managed to do so, the writers would simply resurrect them once again in a few months, and it would mean very little.

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@illmatic06: agree with you :l let's just hope they find a way to make cable comeback not as stupid as i think it could be

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crosses fingers this is cable from before he joined the x-men in the 90's

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Houston this is the USS shitgiveless we have a confirmed payload of nongivenshit we will keep this payload on standby until a book with a writer and artist of quality appears. Over
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Cable from before he joined the X-Men would not know who Hope is. Not much faith that this will be any good, Loeb lost me with that crap that was Ultimatum plus McGuinness art has grown old too.

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Jeph Loeb almost destroyed the Ultimate Universe with Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum. He created the notion of a 1000 hulks. He will mess around a create a alternate future where Kang and Apocalypse are gay lovers that rule the future. Then he may randomly throw characters like Carnage and Rom. Not a Loeb fan.

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HEY CARNAGE IS WELL ABOVE LOEB! specialy after the supurb recent mini series where he returned

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um didnt u say in the review for the incredible hulk #1 that you will miss the other hulks from the book

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I'm not to crazy about the title X-sanction ... but then again i suppose Marvel is running out of X-something titles.

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@jordama: Not to likely as the reason he is supposed to be attacking the Avengers to because of their supposed threat to Hope, where Cable is being characterized as like a father willing to do anything to protect his daughter. So it does look to be the same Cable that died in Second Coming.

I don't think I'll get this, but I will be interested in reading how they are going to explain how he returned from shattering into tiny pieces apart from his techno-organic arm.

Wonder why they bothered killing him in the first place given he barely died, and is returning already, oh well.

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@allpro said:

interesting match up, but the art looks cheesy

Really cheesy!

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@movieartman said:



Don;t care much for Avengers and the bunch of street levelers such as Cap. Go Cable! Put a bullet back in his head!

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This time travel crap pisses me off, everytime Cable time slips he creates a new reality where he has knowledge of what happen before... so this could be anyone of those Cables of any reality, I'd guess he knew he die, and then returned to help Hope for whatever reason! what a stupid plot...

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Jeph Loeb? Anticipate garbage!
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Takes two to tango, you eyeballing me son? *eye explodes* Damn, Cable almost exploded right into Cap's face, Cap notices Cable's huge weapon with opened eye awe, and what the hell does Cable have in his thigh pouch? A PS3? 

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Anyone thinking Cap is trying to kiss Cable in the first image?

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It's a bit too soon after Second Coming for him to be returning, from the grave no less.

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Cap looks he is scared of the gun lol

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I always thought Cable would make a cool Avenger!

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@illmatic06 said:

Jeph Loeb? Anticipate garbage!

You read my mind!

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This would be interesting if it weren't for Loeb writing it

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Forgive my inarticulate expression but... WTF is this?

I've said this before but there are a lot of arbitrary rules when it comes to when characters should come back. The Scarlet Witch, who's been around twice as long as Cable and was a very important Avengers had to make scarce for years same with Jean Grey and Magneto. But these clowns like Cable we simply can't do without for more than a few months?

I'll only tune in if the story somehow involves the Phoenix but given that Hope is a character who is the living embodiment of Marvel frustratingly contrived hints at bringing Jean back I'm still reluctant.

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Tiny mouths.

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the only thing I don't like is when Captain America is drawn without his chain mail top...it just doesn't look right

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@LordRequiem said:

It's a bit too soon after Second Coming for him to be returning, from the grave no less.

See, that's the thing, everyone says Cable died in Second Coming, but if you look at the image, you could argue that all you really saw was his arm being blown off. I reckon he's never actually been dead, just gravely wounded and stranded in the future for a while. Still, agree it's too soon for him to return. And I hate McGuiness's artwork. Would've been cool if the series had been written by Remender or Kyle & Yost or Brubaker with more gritty/realistic artwork, say Maleev or Leinel Francis Yu or the dude currently doing Uncanny X-Force whose name I forget. At least some sort of team with X-perience (sorry, couldn't help myself).

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Cable is b@d@$$. Period.

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Kinda looks like Bucky Cap costume but whats wrong with his face o.o

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What does cap have to do with hope? hmm might pick this up

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i hope cap wins

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When did Cable get kickpads/shinguards?

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Hell, I used to enjoy Ed Mcguinness, but lately (when I say lately, I mean any title that he has worked on after Hulk) his over the top caricature style has really annoyed me. There's a reason he was placed on Hulk and Superman/Batman....they rarely require any detail on their costume designs besides their bulging muscles. It' probably why the "Batmobile" was never shown during his run on Batman/Superman. Jeph Loeb has been given too much exposure since Marvel swapped David Finch for him and Mcguinness. Instead, Marvel should employ Jeff Parker as the writer for this series. His has been completely under used, even though Thunderbolts is only second to X-force in terms of Marvel's quality books. As for artists, I suggest: Humberto Ramos, Kev Walker, Clayton Crain or Gabriele Dell'otto

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Maybe Cap has the same idea as Bishop. Maybe they see her as some kind of massive threat which will have a big impact on the world later on. And with the teaser of the Phoenix for Marvels big event it could easily be Hope will play apart in that.

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Loebforce Cable...attack!

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OHHHH MYYYY GODDDDD!!! If Hope is involved then this TOTALLY has something to do with the new Point One event and the Phoenix's "It's Coming" arrival!

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Is this the Official Cover, or is a Variant Cover...???

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um, Marvel, cable worked closely with captain america and some others during civil war. he knows how to play with these folks. you guys are now throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.

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Looks like Cable stole Marcus Fenix's body armour.

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@IrishX said:
Still not sure if I'm going to get this. Otherwise... kick his *** Cap!
Not a Cable fan? That surprises me O_o
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more stuff about hope eh? -__-