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Marvel has announced the new creative team.  Starting in June, Runaways #11 will be written by Kathryn Immonen (Patsy Walker: Hellcat)  and drawn by Sara Pichelli (NYX).

I've always enjoyed Runaways.  Terry Moore did a nice job.  Some things felt a little bit off.  Maybe the art?  I'm glad the series is continuing and not starting over with yet another #1.

Apparently the plan is to bring the book "back-to-the-basics."  There are also plans for more "smooches" since they've been absent recently.

For more information, you can read Editor Nick Lowe's thoughts on the new team and direction at Marvel.com.
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I've really been torn on Runaways. (Got your attention? Cool!)
I'm a huge fan. I think the series has done very well. But, I am torn over which format to follow the series. Joss Whedon reeeaaalllyyy sssllloohhhwweddd things down. Up to that point I had been getting the digests to catch up and I had just switched over the monthlies. I'm thinking I could go back to the digests. Get it all at once. I prefer the digests to the trade paperbacks or the hardcover. 

I do think it sucks that Arsenic is gone. This isn't The Avengers or The X-Men, it's more like the Fantastic Four. Turning one charcter bad and killing off another character sucks. Unless there is a back door to bring them back. I actually liked Arsenic. I kinda lost interest when she was killed off. Who doesn't love a girl with her pet - DINOSAUR?

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Finally, i was beginning to grow weary of the kiddie art.

who's left to smooch on though??? Karolina's gender confused girlfriend is lost in space. No one likes chase. Molly and Klara are like 11, and then there's old lace and victor... don't know which would be the better choice. Maybe it's Nico and Karolina...gag.

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Why are their heads extremely round like apples?  And why does it look like Karolina's flirting with Chase?