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The best way to end a Friday? With some Jim Lee art, of course. If you've been reading JUSTICE LEAGUE you may have noticed that artist Jim Lee's handiwork was missing from the most recent issue (issue #7 featured the art of Gene Ha), but that won't last long. The Co-Publisher of DC Comics will be returning to JUSTICE LEAGUE with issue #9 where he will be introducing an all-new villain to the DC Universe. DC unveiled Lee's character design earlier today which you can check out below.

What do you think of the character design? What do you think his powers will be, and how do you think he will be a threat to the League?

Source: DC

#1 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, looks interesting, like he has persons annexed into his being. For some reason he strikes me as one who has vampire based powers or something except on a grander scale. As for being a threat to the League I can see him definitely being a threat to the less superpowers based faction of the team but not so much for those with the powers. Do we have a name for him yet or is that all we have so far? I'm intrigued!

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Reminds me of a white Martian

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Looks pretty cool. Who are those on his arms? Do I smell a backstory?

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I can't wait to find out his powers/name, he seems like he could end up being a very formidable opponent.

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Ohhh, I wonder if he could be a White Martian! Then they could get Martian Manhu-


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looks like the genomorphs in young justice

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Kinda looks Atlantean to me, wonder if it'll have to do with the 'other league' story from Aquaman.

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Something between a white martian, a classic vampire (for the costume mostly) and Coppola's Dracula stuck between old and bat:

Anyway, I like it.

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I was going to say he could be a White Martian, but he has faces on his forearms. Something about that sounds like a demonic character to me. Maybe he is Neron or something. I guess we will have to wait two months from now to find out.

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Looks pretty awesome, almost like Abe Sapien from BRPD/Hellboy mixed with a Lycan/Vampire from Underworld, another cool design by mr Jim Lee, knowing Mr Lee i'm sure his powers will be equally as awesome as the art...

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Well, considering he was made to be a justice league villain there is a high chance he's at team busting levels

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He looks like Saren from Mass Effect.

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Eeeeeh, as has been the case, I'm not terribly thrilled with Lee's costume design.

The character himself looks menacing enough, though, so I'll be interested to see what his deal is.

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I think hes going to punch things.

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the power to make large amounts of hair grow out of his shin

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@Grim said:

I think hes going to punch things.

LoL and do bad things :D

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So I am curious as to whether or not the faces on his forearms are intentional?

The left forearm appears to have a male face - and the right forearm also appears to contain a female face.

The tattered cape and dark visage also do seem to imply that this character will have a sort of vampiric based or power syphoning ability.

Certainly worth sticking around to see what transpires - 'count me in'

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@PrinceIMC said:

Kinda looks Atlantean to me, wonder if it'll have to do with the 'other league' story from Aquaman.

Looked Atlantean to me too.

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i miss Jim Lee's art on the Justice league..... gene Ha's art doesn't fit the Justice league, especially superman and aquaman. But back on the subject matter, I have a feeling this character is from Pandora's box, like the box they mention at the end of issue 6 of JL.

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white reptilian

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Mh i don´t like it. maybe because I don´t like that so many new villain comes from nowhere in the new 52.

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Zounds! Tis the Personification of the Pre 52 DC Universe, here to taunt our heroes about the pasts they are unaware of. The Justice League may be able to survive Darkseid but can they survive cruel taunts about their new outfits collars, constantly changing pants, and I mean that hair. His gauntlets are surprisingly not to over done though, I mean... relatively for a Jim Lee redesign. /End Snarky Comic Book Fan Criticism/Mockery/]  

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Nice, he looks like he could be very formidable so long as he has some evil monster pets or friends

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He ripped-off Haunt

Haunt #19
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@Darkjediprime said:

Reminds me of a white Martian

SNAP! Though I don't think he is one. MM's with Stormwatch so I don't think it's a White Martian. Nonetheless, that's one cool looking design for a new villain. Though I would like to see Amazo, Despero, heck even the Royal Flush Gang. Would be nice to see some classic League villains again.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Wow, looks interesting, like he has persons annexed into his being.

I found that to be super interesting.

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Is it just me or aren't JIM LEE'S sketches good anymore?

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Lol i think its another one with ice powers, well at least he looks intimidating ( or maybe thats because jim lee drew it )

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It's Dr. Destiny. He's such a huge fan of the Wonder Twins (Zan and Jayna), he had them tattooed on each arm.

You REALLY don't want to know where he has Gleek!

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Likes me some cool new villains I does.

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He looks like a power absorber of some sort to me from those tendrils near his legs.

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he's going to punch and blow energy and ... all those cool things

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This looks too cool. I cant wait!

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He looks badass!

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@entropy_aegis said:


Exactly this.
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Aqua-Man villain.

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No no no no no. Ghost of Christmas Present. The gauntlets are the children Ignorance and Want.

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I desperately want this to be a White Martian, but I know that is very unlikely.

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@RoninAutomaton: Heavy.

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Looks a bit like Trident from "Teen Titans". Just a pinch.

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This year on a very special (and early) Christmas Tale. When Jim Lee, Geoff Johns and Dan Didio thought all was well with the Multiverse, a new enemy appears to show them what is, and what could be. In this game-changing and shattering six issue miniseries we will accompany our beloved anti-heroes as they battle foes that were forgotten, some elephants in a corner and wardrobes! ¡It's the Challengers of the Reboot as you never saw them before!. Fights, shame, betrayal and a guest starring monologue by none other than Grant Morrison! Join us every 52 of the month, as we travel with them "Thru' the Land of DC Past". And don't miss the shocking revelation that will knock you to the pre-boot, seriously. It's something you'll all be talking until next issue! Plus: Brian Azzarello though it was ok to tamper with forces beyond his keen. Now follow his misadventures as he battle fan and god alike. Introducing Greekblazer!

Pd: No ill will, just that thing reminded me the of the Ghost of DC past. I would buy that series, though. Mostly for Greekblazer.

And I have too much sarcasm on the system.

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To go off the vampire-like look of the character he could have powers similar to the Parasite

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it looks like he has bleeding nipples

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Manly leg hair.

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@Darkjediprime said:

Reminds me of a white Martian

I agree