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Spider-Man will be facing the Lizard not just in movie theaters this summer but once again in the comics as well. We often see this happen when villains appear in comic-based movies. In this case, it's not a bad thing since there still is some unfinished business between Spider-Man and Lizard.

To sweeten the deal, Marvel has unveiled the variant cover to the issue that will kick off the new arc. J. Scott Campbell is know for the style of drawing he does. But check out how sexy this cover is!

Marvel is proud to present your first look at fan favorite artist J. Scott Campbell’s variant cover to Amazing Spider-Man #688, kicking off “No Turning Back” this June! Someone has tampered with the grave of Billy Connors and it’s up to Spider-Man to hunt down one of his greatest foes: The Lizard! But Spider-Man will have his hands full when he takes on Curt Connors, AND Morbius the Living Vampire! Can Spidey handle both of these monsters before it turns into an all-out brawl? The superstar creative team of Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli bring you high stakes action and drama like no other in Amazing Spider-Man #688, swinging into comic shops everywhere, the Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Digital Comics Shop this June.



Written by DAN SLOTT


Variant Cover by J SCOTT CAMPBELL

FOC – 6/4/12, On-Sale – 6/27/12

I do love that they had Campbell draw the Lizard rather than have him draw some random female character. It's great to see him allowed to draw other characters as well.

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Damn, see him showing off that skin :p

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I've been a fan of J. Scott since his days in Gen 13. Matter of fact, I was just re-reading Gen 13's trade paperback yesterday.

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Good art.

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Nice artwork.

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I wish he looked more like he did in SHED

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so im finnaly going to start reading Amazing spiderman after allll these years :) and im starting with this issue...i hope i don't get confused or have to do alot of back reading :/

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Sounds like fun!

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WOW he looks so fuggin cool. My only qualm is that I think his toes are to long. Anyone else think that or is it just me?

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The Lizard/Connors is looking pretty good compared to how he's been portrayed over the last couple of years (visually he's been pretty snarly looking).

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Love how he looks like a monitor lizard. But those toes....his feet should look more like that of a raptor, not an iguana. Plus why 6 toes? Humans have 5 and the Lizard usually has 4 planted on the ground and the big toe hinged like a dew claw.

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I have a feeling we are going to see a lot more of the lizard after the Amazing Spider-man comes out in movie theaters

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What happened to that Spider-Man mini series by J Scott Campbell dealing with the Lizard?

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@spiderbat87: yeah, did he not kind of look like the shed version in the point issue?

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@Blizaga101 said:

@spiderbat87: yeah, did he not kind of look like the shed version in the point issue?

I don't know, not reading any comics at the mo
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@spiderbat87: ah shame :P I just dug out my issue there and i was right, the lizard in that issue looks like the one from shed. clearly bad communication between aritsts on this one although it might just be a cover so the inside art might show a more "sheddy" lizard :)

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@Blizaga101 said:

@spiderbat87: ah shame :P I just dug out my issue there and i was right, the lizard in that issue looks like the one from shed. clearly bad communication between aritsts on this one although it might just be a cover so the inside art might show a more "sheddy" lizard :)

Got to save for Rockness :) I hope so, he looked badass
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: Should we be concerned you find a large, humpback, green lizard attractive?

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So get your knees flexin' and your arms t-rexin' and Creep.

Do the creep.

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@hectorsquall: I wanted to like it...but the spelling error is too big for me to ignore

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My only issue with Variant covers is you see how cool another artist could make the series and then you don't get to see it in the book.

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@hectorsquall: you spelled hit wrong xD

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@astrid12: ROFL! Thanks for pointing it out. That's what happens when you're typing too fast and watching TV at the same time ;p


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Such good artwork, look forward to this and the summers movie!

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Looking forward to this after Ends of The Earth.

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While that cover looks cool, I don't think "sexy" is a word I would use to describe it. :P

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DAMN!! Lizzy's got some sweet gams.

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I love it. I know JSC has a very "distinctive" style when it comes to drawing women but this is great. I don't even care this is not how the Lizard looks in present ASM continuity!

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Nice! I haven't liked recent portrayals of The Lizard, but this one is very cool.

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@ReVamp said:

Good art.

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Lizard looks really slick and cool. I dunno about anybody here but I like a lizard that either walks and talks like a human but fights like a lizard, or a pure instinct monster. Also I'm not to big of a fan of the REALLY bulky lizard. This lizard looks juuuust perfect!

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that cover is spectacular. really wish they went for this kind of lizard look for the movie instead of the somewhat killer croc verssion

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Awesome cover, nice to see a more classic look to him again even though I did grow to like the shed one.

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Can we please go back to a monthly ASM? That way we can have some consistent more detailed art, and less toss away stories to keep up with the number padding.

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looks awesome

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I like! I wouldn't say sexy, more like sleek.

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I like the way this is looking.

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He's got six toes on his left foot. That's a little weird.

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I wouldn't hold my breath. I read the preview article in Wizard when it was announced. It had neat little pictures of Spider-man, the Lizard (just like the one in that cover), a head of Doc Ock, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane and it looked great. Then you got nothing. Campbell was doing a series called Wildsiderz that didn't do that well. It was alright. It was a big different in terms of the way he drew characters. But his stuff was becoming more complex in the way it was put together for the holographic stuff in that book so he drew the same page two or different times I don't know if he was doing that for Spider-man. He never even finished the five issue run of that book. Only two issues. I have 'em.

I wanted to see the series happen. He could of drawn it the way he did in his Gen 13 days and we'd be happpy. J. SCott's doing to many covers to work on to get to it apparently. He's mentioned it a few times in interviews (i've looked on youtube for them) and I don't see it happening. His and Mad are the only Spider-man stuff I want to see.

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Oh I'm definitely feeling that cover!

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Sexy? Where?

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He seems too thin there. I do hope he's still post-shed Lizard in that the Connors personality has been expunged.

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They're probably not drawing him like the SHED Lizard because of the movie.

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Seriously, I want to see that JSC Spider-man. It would look great.

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Wow awesome!