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More The End?

Marvel hasn't put out a 'The End' book in a while.  I usually question the worth of these books as things usually happen to prevent any possibility of these stories coming true.  But I really like the idea of David Michelinie and Bob Layton writing an Iron Man story so I think I will be checking this out.
It’s the middle decades of the 21st century. After a lifetime fighting crime, corporate evil and super-powered villainy as Iron Man, industrialist and inventor Tony Stark faces his biggest challenge ever: building the legacy he will leave humankind after he’s gone. But when his world-changing project comes under attack, Tony must fight espionage and super-villainy once more…perhaps for the final time. The legendary Iron Man creative team of David Michelinie and Bob Layton teams with penciler Bernard Chang to tell the final story of Iron Man’s life!

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That armor looks terrible =[

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Since its in the future they should have made it sleaker.