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Incognito #1 (Second Printing)
This is some good stuff.  I wrote up a page for the main character, Zack Overkill.  You should pick this book up.
Due to overwhelming demand, fueled by universal critical acclaim, Eisner-winners Ed “The Man Who Killed Captain America” Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ Incognito #1 has sold out at Diamond and returns with Incognito #1 Second Printing Variant! Featuring an all-new cover by Phillips, this is the first issue of the red-hot new series that has everyone buzzing!

“Highly Recommended…readers are in for one heckuva series”—Brian Cronin, ComicBookResources.Com

“Recommended to fans of Brubaker's work and anyone who likes good comics. Get on board now- you'll thank me later.”—Dan Hill, ComicsBulletin.Com

“This is something for fans that want that little extra dash of malice with their violence” remarks…Probably one of the best things about Brubaker is that he sure knows how to write an all-American bad ass…the art direction fits perfectly with the gritty script.”—Lan Pitts of Newsarama.com

“A Must Read”—Daniel Crown, IGN.Com

Retailer Mike Malve of Atomic Comics raved, “Incognito #1 sold out in all my stores in just four hours. It looks like retailers all over underestimated demand on this one. Glad to hear it's rushing back to press right away.”

When presented with the news, Brubaker said, “Sean and I are overwhelmed at this quick sell-out, and I've been hearing from a ton of new readers just checking out our work for the first time, so it's gratifying all the way around.”

If you missed out on Incognito, then don’t miss out the second time—this is the series so acclaimed that it’s an axiomatic purchase! Incognito #1 Second Printing Variant is your chance to pick up the most acclaimed new series of 2009!

Written by ED BRUBAKER
Art & Cover by SEAN PHILLIPS
Mature Content/No Ads …$3.50
FOC—1/15/09, On-Sale—2/4/09

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I really need to get this!

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Yes you do.  And read the little blip above.  It's $3.50 but no ads.

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I didn't think it was that good. I enjoyed it, but not enough to buy the next issue.

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This confirms that Incognito is as great as you guys says it is. Can't wait to get my hands on this one.

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Okay, I got it thought it was awesome.  I love it!