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Get ready for yet another teaser from Image over the upcoming death (or deaths?) in INVINCIBLE #100. If you read Kirkman's THE WALKING DEAD #100, you know he's willing to kill off major characters. You can check out the previous teasers to see who else might be dying. Here's the first teaser, the second and yesterday's.

Who's up for today?

Who do think is (possibly) going to die tomorrow?

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Maybe all of the characters shown in those "The Death of..." are gonna die.

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Yeah i think all will die

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It's the death of Thragg. These are all the results of the brutal fight. #100 marks the beginning of the future Invincible saw when he killed Immortal...where he ends up being the leader of the Viltrumites.

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His brother is going to be killed by Thragg, which will cause Invincible to Kill Thragg

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Every since AtomEve had had the abortion, i felt that she wasn't a needed character Knowing Kirkmans writing from Walking Dead 100, its going to be Godly!... After reading issue 100, i cried like a baby.

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Of all the characters teased, Eve looks like the only one who hasn't been used to wipe the floor.

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Cant wait to read it!!!

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When is #100 coming out?

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@haydenclaireheroes: In theory, Invincible 100 would be out around January/February.

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that's right shes a fighter

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Don't you funking dare Kirkman

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It's arguable that Invincible always delivers a good teaser image. These over the past few days have been no exception. Who's going to to die? There are many options. One awesome thing about this book is that death hasn't necessarily been an intricate part of the story throughout. Sure, there have been a few deaths, but in the scheme of things they have all helped progress the story. In no way have they left holes or a void in the cast.

I have a feeling this will be different. I have my opinions and will hopefully get a chance to blog and share my thoughts. The series has been fantastic for the most part. Things got a bit shaky during The Viltrumite War just due to content alone. The story worked but it seemed three issues of the arc could've been condensed to one or two. This is my favorite super hero comic to come out in the past 12 years. I hope that it continues on, stronger than ever.

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Man. I don't get it. Why does anyone have to die. I literally just got back into the series about a couple months ago. I've had the first couple trades forever and had some extra money to blow and decided to do it on invincible. Think I'm all caught up and it's been a hell of a ride. I think Mark is going to die and BulletProof is going to become Invincible. I do not want this to happen but I think it'd be pretty easy for kirkman to bang out a couple years worth of issues dealing with currently shallow BulletProof growing into a better person and a better hero, maybe with Nolan training him. I'm sure a bit of Deus Ex would be included to make his powers greater. Who knows, maybe he's a quarter or an eighth vitrulmite and his powers just take longer to grow.

Idk, I thought they were going to do this back in Viltrumite War when

Mark got punched through the gut and and BulletProof started wearing Invincible's costume

Also, could someone confirm what issue was released latest. It's 92 right?

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I still think is going to be bulletproof the one that will die

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I'm calling it now...I don't think anybody will die.

@Onemoreposter: Last issue was 93, 94 drops next week if I'm not mistaken.

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So I just saw that the solicit for Invincible 98 is apparently the first part of a story arc called (surprise surprise) "The Death of Everyone". So maybe these teasers are pointing more toward the level of the threat being posed more than the actual death of any one character. Kirkman does like his curve balls.

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if Kirkman writes This issue 100 like he did the walking dead then there is no telling who could end dying. it will most likely be someone that will give fans an " Oh Sh!t" moment.

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Aww, Atom Eve is too cute to die. Gosh, the suspense of this is killing me...