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It's day 3 of the Image teasers for INVINCIBLE #100. On Monday, we saw the first teaser for a death in the issue. Yesterday we saw a second teaser. As expected, today brings us a third.

Are these all meant to throw us off or could we be seeing multiple deaths? We'll have to wait and see. Chances are tomorrow we'll see another teaser.

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Man I hope not.

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Another teaser, Robot might end up dying. I think he will die, but then again.

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@Spideycap: dude get the F out with this child mentallity this is NOT YOUTUBE!

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Death of a civilian that has never been shown and has no meaning to the story!

Robert Kirkman is going to troll all of us just wait and see.

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@JohnnyWalker: sorry bro

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@JohnnyWalker: grow up, its just a post.

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I stopped reading around issue 40 or so, I hear its still good.

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I think bulletproof is going to die

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Not Robot, pleeeeeeease not robot! :(

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@Mandrewgora said:

I stopped reading around issue 40 or so, I hear its still good.

I actually just buy the hardcover since it has like 10 or so issues in each of them oversized with 0 ad's hell I'd buy all of my comics this way if I could. I wish Eric Larsen could find all of the original plots for savage dragon so I could re-read all of the back issues in color.

Anyway the book is still good, probably one of the few american comic books besides all of the manga I read that make me literally laugh. Robert Kirkman is a brilliant writer and add's just enough comedy in this series to break up the seriousness while still having a pretty solid story and Ryan Otley's art just is super consistent. I've seen a few lazy panels here and there but the guy never misses an issue and quality is always a 9 minimal.

This is a title that has spoiled me with the hardcover editions so it's hard for me to even fathom picking up the TPB's or the monthly title because I want to have my invincible in a nice 3 hour reading session than a whole bunch of careless flipping through pages and missing things like the monthly titles I do read.

I'm interested to see where the book leads after his team up with REX since that's where 7 leaves off.

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I don't read invincible but I might pick this up

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@Arkhamc1tizen said:

I don't read invincible but I might pick this up

NNNNOOOOO YOU HAVE TO READ IT FROM #1....IT'S SO GOOD! I read issues 1-79 in like 5.5 days trust me read from #1. Find back issues or get the trades...and the Rex and Atom Eve minis.

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It's the death of Thragg. These are the results of the brutal fight...but they survive.