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It's hard to believe that IMAGE Comics has existed for twenty years, but it has. The publisher that has brought us YOUNGBLOOD, SAVAGE DRAGON, SPAWN and many other creator owned properties will be celebrating a milestone this year. To commemorate 20 years of success as one of the most prominent publishers in comics IMAGE will be releasing two special tribute covers to SPAWN #220 which we've posted for you below.

SPAWN #220 tribute cover based on SAVAGE DRAGON #1
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Image Comics, the first of these nine covers by McFarlane, SPAWN #220, depicts “Savage Spawn,” referencing the first issue of SAVAGE DRAGON by Erik Larsen. (Cover B - APR120410)
SPAWN #220 will also have a variant cover paying tribute to Rob Liefeld's YOUNGBLOOD #1 (Cover C - APR120411), as well as an original cover from McFarlane himself (Cover A -
APR120409). A black-and-white variant of each of the covers will be available as an incentive for retailers.

In addition, current SPAWN artist Szymon Kudranski has created a cover based on the original SPAWN #1 cover by McFarlane for the SPAWN: 20th Anniversary Collector's Special (APR120418). This special edition of SPAWN #220 publishes Kudranski's interior art in black-and-white along with additional content featuring a look back at a sampling of TODD McFARLANE's inked pages from SPAWN #1. It is limited to 2500 copies.
== TEASER ==

SPAWN #220 will be available to order starting in April and will be released on June 6th, 2012.

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Really wish I got the chance to follow Spawn comics but I have noooo idea where to start lol.

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Via La Image comics ^_^ [ simply in love with Todd Mcfarlane`s Savage Dragon Homage [ now that`s something I would never Expect from him ]  either way SPAWN looks impressive in both variants .

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From number 1 :)

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@termiteone4ever: lol only 219 more to go!

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i really ...really want the collectors edition

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2012 The Year of Image

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@J1ml33: Totally agree Viva La Image! Image has sooo many excellent titles out. Fatale, Sage, Manhattan Project, Hack/Slash, Savage Dragon, Spawn, Invinvible and Walking Dead just to name some. Its kicking @ss right now. 2012 is the Image year the mayans predicted it lol.

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I love Spawn but not the movie. =P

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I was a big fan of Spawn and even have about 13 of the trades but couldn't get anymore for awhile but then when I found out where the story went in regards to Simmons and his wife Wanda after that I no longer want to read any more of it.

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now thats how your supposed to draw

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I miss the 90's :(

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i stopped reading spawn after endgame. is the new run of spawn comics still good? like if i started at Spawn #200 would it be the new spawn just as cool as simmons????

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That's very cool. I have Spawn #1, Savage Dragon #, and the first issue of Youngblood which was the first Image book.

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I will celebrate if this means the Real Spawn, Al Simmons is back. Have the Fake Commit Suicide.

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Can't wait.

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Can definitely see how far they've come with this tribute to the first ever Savage Dragon...

Image, you really have come full circle and for that I salute you!

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where's the Youngblood tribute cover?

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long live Spawn: Godslayer.

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Spawn was great, so how did they come up with such a shitty movie. Please, answer this mr Mc Farlane, why did you disappoint so many people with that lump of crap?

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Shouldn't 20 years be #240? Where did the other 20 issues go? Do they skip a month each year?

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Has anybody seen the Adventures of Spawn webcomic? It's so different, not my Spawn!

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That amalgamated cover is truly sharp and unique.

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Defiantly should do a spawn reboot movie. Have McFarland toys do the effects and cg. Sam rami should direct in the old evil dead style. Super creepy camera tricks! I still have my spawn #1!!! Great series

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I'm officialy older than dirt. I can't believe it's been 20 years.

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I can't believe I still remember buying the first issue (or more appropriately, having my mom buy). 20 years. Damn I'm now old.

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IMAGE COMICS - 20 years and still the same disrespect for readers! What about IMAGE UNITED parts 4 to 6??? No mention at all during ImageExpo, or now... No one is asking them to come out and openly admit that they cancelled the remaining issues. It does not matter if you liked 0 to 3 or not, you should still be pissed about the cancelled last issues. And even more pissed that they did not bother making a public statement confirming the cancellation due to poor sales. Poor sales due to a lack of effort and delays in shipping schedule. This project deserve to be completed even if they can only sell 7-10M issues of the last 3 chapters, just out of respect for the fans who helped them become what they are today.

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If you're looking to get into Spawn, I'd suggest starting at issue 201. The current creative team started there, and have made the title accessible to new readers, using some brief exposition to fill in the background info where required. You can pick up the first 12 issues of their run in the Spawn: New Beginnings TPBs. Volume 1 collects 201-206, and Volume 2 collects 207-212.

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Re: Image United It's not been cancelled. Erik Larsen has stated recently that all remaining issues are being worked on, but that they will not comment or resolicit until everything is finished. At that point they'll release issues 4-6 in quick succession. It's a pretty massive undertaking, with art boards being couriered around the country for up to 6 pencils and even more inkers to work on, each with their own projects to keep on schedule. Fact is, we all knew it would be delayed - but it will happen eventually. I'd personally rather they'd not rush it.

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@Makkaar1984: its supposed to b for younger folk

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Bring back Al Simmons