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I keep forgetting to read/catch up on this book.  I don't know why.  Here's the preview sent from Marvel.  It was nice getting a 'shout out' on page 6.  I just don't remember being there.

Guardians Of The Galaxy #9
Star-Lord...trapped in jail...in the Negative Zone Prison...under attack from King Blastaar and his barbarian hordes! Will Rocket Raccoon and his new Guardians arrive in time to save their leader? Given their recent run of luck, probably not! Plus, cool art by Star Wars penciler Bong Dazo staggering revelations about Adam Warlock – as events continue to build to WAR OF KINGS! Surely you must be there for the next chapter of the series that has WeeklyComicBookReview.com raving: “If you aren’t reading GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY yet, now is the time to get a taste of the awesome that is Rocket Raccoon and the gang.”

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Who's the guy with the wicked face tat that's layed out?

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Hawk said:
"Who's the guy with the wicked face tat that's layed out?"
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Guardians of The Galaxy is a Mad Nice Comic... the Squad is like The Lakers and Adam Warlock is Kobe Bryant...

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This issue looks especially awesome based on the preview! I can't wait to see how Blastaar's invasion of Earth goes.

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If you aren't getting this you're missing out.