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Ghost Rider Versus Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider #29
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I prefer Dan Ketch over Johnny Blaze.  But I prefer Johnny Blaze over the art here.  I hate to say it but it just doesn't work for me.  It seems that some people like it though.

After the shocking twist at the end of the extra-sized Ghost Rider #28, Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch aren’t just on a collision course anymore…they’re at war! Enter Ghost Rider #29, from critically-acclaimed scribe Jason Aaron (Wolverine: Manifest Destiny) and Eisner Award-winning artist Tan Eng Huat present the epic battle you’ve been waiting for! Now’s your chance to jump onboard the series that critics can’t stop praising!

“Ghost Rider has moved up and become one of the most interesting and exciting things Marvel is publishing”—Paul Brian McCoy, ComicsBulletin.Com

“Tang Eng Huat's artwork is some of the most impressive, moody pencilwork I've seen in recent memory… Aaron allows his strong character work to drive the story along”—Bryan Joel, IGN.Com

“Jason Aaron’s work on “Ghost Rider” has made the title one of Marvel’s sleeper hits… it’s undeniable that the series has finally carved out a niche for itself”—James Hunt, ComicBookResources.Com

“Jason Aaron has spent the last few months putting Ghost Rider on full speed ahead, pilling action on top of action at a breakneck pace”—Doug Turner, SuperheroTimes.Com

With buzz from fans and critics alike, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on upcoming issues of Ghost Rider. Why has Ketch turned on his brother? And just where did his powers come from? Find out in Ghost Rider #29, as the Ghost Riders battle to the end! Plus, for more on Ketch, don’t miss Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch #1, on-sale this week!

GHOST RIDER #28 (AUG082349)
Written by JASON AARON
Penciled by TAN ENG HUAT
50/50 Covers by MARC SILVESTRI
Parental Advisory …$3.99
GHOST RIDER #29 (SEP082336)
Written by JASON AARON
Penciled by TAN ENG HUAT
Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC—10/30/08, On-Sale—11/19/08
GHOST RIDER: DANNY KETCH #1 (of 5) (AUG082350)
Parental Advisory …$3.99
IN STORES 10/22/08!
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Tan loves drawing fire.... and could care less about everything else.

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I hate the art. It's just not Ghost Rider to me. I actually stopped buying Ghost Rider.

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I will settle for it.  BTW the fight looks awesome.

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Hmmm...this issues looks pretty good. I may go for it
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The last issue was great and now we see them fight!

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I have to agree that the art just doesn't work for me. I think Jason Aaron is doing a good job, but the art... I liked Boschi more when Aaron originally joined on issue #20. I am going to stick around for awhile, but if things don't change then I am going to jump ship.

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I figured out why I don't like the art, it makes Ghost rider look less of a bad momma jamma. It is to fantasyish. He is definitely talented, but not for a gritty type book like Ghost rider.

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Agreed.  They need a new artist.

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Hey, hit and Run on a flaming skull demon is illegal, lady!