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So is He-Man a new 52 character now, existing on another planet, or is this the equivalent of a Marvel/DC mashup?

It's equivalent of a Marvel/DC mashup.

No it isn't, He-man is a DC character now he's just not on Earth he's on his own planet so this is cannon to the new 52 Somewhat since He-man again is a DC character.

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Wow, this is a really uninteresting idea. But I guess they can't do Marvel every time.

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This is what id like to be for the battle line up:

He-man vs Superman

Batman vs Man-at-arms

Teela vs Wonder Woman

Aquaman vs Mer-man vs Black Manta

Beast man vs Animal Man

Moss Man Vs Swamp Thing

Trap Jaw vs Cyborg vs Roboto

Raven vs Evil Lyn

Special: Skeletor vs Helspont ... then team up to attack A.R.G.U.S and try to steal artifacts from the black room.

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I'm glad to have Hal back with the JL, but why aren't Flash and Aquaman in the image?

Too many characters can ruin a story and what would be the point of the other two if they don't do anything besides say one or two lines?

this. 'tis why they never had all of the Leaguers in one episode of the JL cartoon except for on special occasions.same with the early comic

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If it's written well with a solid story, I'll check it out.

If the story is awesome they could make an animated version ... maybe a video game ... there's a lot of potential with all these properties ...

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I hate He-man's new costume/armor/whetever. The classic one was better...

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Love Heman. and Dexter Soy is doing the art.... Can't pass this up...

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@thejokerha: Orko's not in this series, apparently he betrayed the Masters to Skeletor and got sent to his home dimension or something.

Well, if you look at the DC digital releases for Masters of the Universe, at the end of Skeletor and He-Man's battle they kind of allude to Orko being the mastermind behind Skeletor...

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Certainly not the most bizarre crossover I've ever seen, but that Heman design is horribad.

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With DC any universe is possible! Wildstorm, Icon, Constantine's, Predators, Aliens, Marvel...did I leave anyone out?

I too will check this out. Its only 6 issues.

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@casshern said:

I too will check this out. Its only 6 issues.

Did they announce it was going to be six issues?

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I always enjoy when magic & technology, especially high advanced tech are together.

As long as they dont pull that BS idea that magic is just really tech.

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Maybe Beastboy from the Ravagers will meet Beastman.

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I love Both Superman and He Man but I hope Superman wins or stalemates He Man at least!