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I think and hope this has something to do with the Annhilators' Earthfall and how Silver Surfer is again Galactus' herald as seen in his latest mini-series.

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The Celestials are coming? 
@SC said:
"Hey, its me Big G to the A TUS, Reed... oh snap, answer phone, oh well, better leave a message then, oh well, Reed, Susie Sue, and Benji, whoever of you gets this message first, I *Galactus Stevie Wonder impression voice* Just called.. to say... I love you... and I... ahaha... its funny because Stevie Wonder is blind... and I am omnipotent... ah anyway, I have a message for you and the future foundation. Its... Pass the courvoisier Hooooo! Woah... think the planet I just ate was fermenting... *hic* Feeling all tiiipsy. Uhm.. does Aunt May ever like... talk about me... *starts sobbing* **Leave your message after the beep** **beep** Gah Cosmic Raaaaage!   0_0

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Hey, it's the daily doomsday threat in the Marvel Universe!

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I know this makes me totally mature, but the first thing I saw was the Title and Artist last name FF Yu :P

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@gethere said:

@Illuminatus: you might be right on that because there this an image with going around

My bets are on Franklin who could pretty much warp reality to any point he wants

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@jorok_goldblade said:

Seeing "FF" and "Yu" on the same promo art made my brain think Marvel was giving me the finger for about a quarter of a second.

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Duh, what else is new Galactus?

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sorry for my not knowledge, but why is galactus returning??

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Shattered Heros BBroken World...

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@_jackbauer: If he was LUCKY!

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The FF got currently two on-going books? When did that happen XD


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Maybe Galactus has just had enough.

"YOUR WORLD IS GOING TO BE BROKEN." doesnt sound like he wants to Obliterate Earth for beating him so many times.