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Hi, everyone! Brent Dorian Carpenter here. Some of you may remember me as the co-creator/writer of U.N. Force back in the early 90s and was featured on CNN/Headline News. At long last I am launching my own imprint, Foundation Comics, with the publication of my first e-book superhero novel, "T'Schai: The Fall and Resurrection." It is my ambitious attempt to create the baddest black superhero yet written, a wild boast no doubt, but I will let my work speak for itself. Looking forward to making the leap back into my beloved comic industry and reacquainting with my old friends. For you Tom Artis fans out there, the late, great one was kind enough to produce a stunning cover illustration for what was supposed to be the comic book's first issue. I have utilized it as the novel cover. I encourage you to check it out at my facebook page or you can click this following link to read more:


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The T'Schai, an ancient African race of hyper-powerful masters of Osmosis and the Georhythm, a deity-like society that seeks to play God and topples as a result of its own stunning hubris.

The Foundation, lead by the Supreme Shepherdess Alaiyo, six surviving scientists culpable for the self-inflicted genocide, released after 70,000 years of hibernation, and determined to reclaim Mother Earth and wipe out modern-day Mankind.

Paul Morgan, a 17 year-old African American boy plagued with bipolar disorder, and direct-line hybrid descendant of one of the Six, who possesses the might to destroy mountain ranges and holds the entire fate of two great civilizations in his unsteady hands.

What is the staggering confluence of events that intertwines these two colossal forces, and what will happen when after 70 millennia they at long last collide?

Part-Superman, Dune, Roots and even Battlestar Galactica, T'Schai is the most mind-bogglingly unusual and original black comic hero the world will ever encounter.