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This February, close out the school year in style with a Graduation Day to remember in WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #42! They’ve fought monsters, aliens, the Hellfire Club, and even their own school building – but now, the inaugural class of the Jean Grey School prepares to leave their hallowed halls behind. That is, if they survive that long! Fan favorite writer Jason Aaron ends his critically acclaimed run with one last bombastic issue – and he’s bringing some friends! Wolverine & The X-Men artists past and present return to school for one last tearful goodbye, including Chris Bachalo, Nick Bradshaw, Ramón Pérez, Pepe Larraz and Steve Sanders. And if that’s not enough Shawn Crystal (DEADPOOL) and Nuno Alves (MARVEL FAIRY TALES) join in on the fun! Plus, a surprise taste of the new volume of Wolverine & The X-Men #1 from new series writer Jason Latour that will have you begging for more! Where do the graduates go from here? Who stays? Who goes? And who survives? Find out this February as Jason Aaron brings his blockbuster series to a close in WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #42!


Written by JASON AARON





FOC – 2/03/2013, On-Sale – 2/26/2014

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wow that cover is subtle

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Oh that homage cover, again.

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Mohawk Storm...

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doop fighting with the power of rock 'n' roll lol

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Seriously excited for the relaunch. Love this series.

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So is the wolverine and the x-men ending? i was only reading in for tie ins from other x-men books

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Nice cover.

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Picked up this series for Doop. Was not disappointed.

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@dstick88: Ending, yes. But they're re-launching the new one next month.

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@dstick88 said:

So is the wolverine and the x-men ending? i was only reading in for tie ins from other x-men books

It's being relaunched with a new writer in like a month or two i think

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Still has crappy art and a Willy Wonka-type story. I'll pass and continue to pretend it doesn't exist.

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homage cover :)

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I'm tired of this homage cover but the good thing is that we are back to the future storytelling for the school of Aaron which has been really awesome so far.

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@tdk_1997 said:

I'm tired of this homage cover

Oh thank god, I thought I was the only one.

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awwwww, i was a little disapointed that Quires picture didn't have the word "expelled?" written over it :P Have been loving this series since issue 1 and will be picking up the first issue of the next run in a few months time :)

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those are some weird looking bamfs. well with the phoenix storyline coming up i know quintin is sticking around, maybe graduating into a full fledge x-man. eye guy, broo and idie are fan favorites and mainstays so if anyone is to leave will be the lesser used characters but do see why they cant stay when characters that should have graduated years ago are still around and some of these students have only been around for a yea or so

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When does the relaunch start? And pleassseeee let there be more Broo!

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@gordyson said:

Picked up this series for Doop. Was not disappointed.

Pretty much. Glad he's sticking around.

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Love the cover! And YAY! Future Quentin!!

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We need more of this...We need a Quentin Quire/ Loki Team up... we need a whole damn series of Loki and Quentin pissing off the Marvel Universe...

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As long as they have Kid Gladiator, I'm in

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This looks great! W&tX has been great again lately. I still don't like the stupid renumbering.

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I don't think they're going to graduate considering we've already seen a preview for issue 1 but I was really hoping this cast would graduate to full X-Men and either be lead by Wolverine or Storm. Oh well. I'll still pick this up.

Edit: There should be a section of DOFP homage covers because I'm pretty sure that number is hitting like 100.

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I really grew to love the characters. Quentin Quire, Broo, Doop, Kid Apocalypse - these are the reasons I will continue to read after Jason Aaron leaves and the series gets relaunched.

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@frozenedge: Im cool with that, it hasn't been phenomenal in my opinion i have liked uncanny and all-new alot better