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The moment many of us have been dreading and looking forward to is almost here. WINTER SOLDIER #15 picks up after the current story and features the new creative team now that Ed Brubaker has left the series. Taking a look below, looks like we're in safe hands.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look atWinter Soldier #15, from the creative team of writer Jason Latour & artist Nic Klein. In the wake of the hunt for the Black Widow, a broken and beaten Winter Soldier begins a quest for atonement. But just as Bucky makes peace with his deadly past – a new villain from his future is out for his head! This February, Latour and Klein send Captain America’s former partner on a road to redemption like no other inWinter Soldier #15!






Variant Cover by NIC KLEIN

FOC – 1/14/13, ON SALE – 2/6/13

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I was happy to see DD in the last two issues. I was hoping for a Matt and Nat reunion and see what the result would be....*sigh* all for not. Good series though.

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Looks good

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Very pretty.

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This looks nice, but I don't read this series and I want to give it a shot. Do you think I need to read all the previous issues, or can I just jump right in?

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@Chewish: If you're going to read 14, you can't. It's the conclusion of a 5 issue arc. I don't know about this one. It isn't lettered at all.. Or, at least there is no dialogue so I don't know much of what is going on except Bucky is getting drunk with a bunch of dead people around him. I jumped in on the first issue of Widow Hunt and I was a little lost because I didn't read any previous ones but I've caught up. I'm getting the trades of issues 1-9 for Christmas. I would suggest getting 10-13 if you want to jump in at 14, though... But Winter Soldier back-issues are hard to come by.

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@Chewish: you could if you wont to but 15 should be a jumping on point becouse theirs a new creative team for the series

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looks good nice

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Definitely happy with the Art. Crossing my fingers that the writing will be just as good as Brubaker's

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When Nick Fury is around. YOU KNOW shits about to go down!

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@Chewish: Issue 15 will be the start of a new arc. So it well be a great starting point.

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Art is nice.

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As sad as I am to see Brubaker's epic Captain run finally come to an end, this does look promising.

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I can't wait for January to buy the next Trade.  (+)
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Hrrrrrrm. We'll see. The conclusion and fallout of Widow Hunt is what will determine if I continue to pick this up.

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@Mercy_: I doubt they will be together after WS 14.

I'm not a big fan of how Bucky is drawn. I know he is distraught (most likely from losing the love of his life) but he looks like a 50 yr old hobo in the panels you see his face. Also, he has the red star on his arm. He hasn't had that since he was freed of the brainwashing. He has had the star and circle that resembles the shield

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I had some concern that Brubaker is done, but this looks pretty intereting. I agree that the art looks really good.

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@HollowPrince665 said:

I was happy to see DD in the last two issues. I was hoping for a Matt and Nat reunion and see what the result would be....*sigh* all for not. Good series though.

me too man

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Yup it does seem like its in great hands now that Brubaker's done with the title but still, I'm sad to see him go there.